Jacques Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac

Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac

French Politician, President and Prime Minister of France

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We will be unable to find satisfying responses to the numerous challenges that confront us today without a close trans-Atlantic partnership.

Punishment of exceptional severity.

She will remain for me, as for many French, the smiling and emotional Olympic champion with the extraordinary stride.

The European offer is worthy of the role which this great country, which is Iran, should play in the world.

The law must have the last word.

The Union, which is already the world's leading importer of agricultural products from developing countries, has shown its commitment to success by reforming the Common Agricultural Policy.

There was a great deal of congruence of views between them.

This matter was not raised for a very simple reason -- which is that we have a strategy and nobody is considering changing it,

Today the highest priority is the return of security and public order... The last word must be from the law.

We have a massive 'yes' from the Irish people, which opens the path to enlargement and thus the unity of our continent.

We'll do all we can to ensure the resolution conforms to what we see as the interests of the region, the interest of ethics, our idea of international order... If we don't succeed, France, as a member of the Security Council and a permanent member, will fulfill its responsibilities.

Reduced to nothing more than a simple free trade zone.

Strong and cannot be challenged by anybody.

The European Union and Russia have an identical viewpoint. We have condemned any potential revision of the ABM treaty, believing that such a revision will involve a risk of proliferation that will be very dangerous for the future.

The law must have the last word... to be stronger than those who want to sow violence or fear, and they will be arrested, judged and punished.

The United Kingdom has a very difficult mission. It is relatively isolated on the financial perspective.

These countries have been not very well behaved and rather reckless of the danger of aligning themselves too rapidly with the American position.

This mourning deeply marks France as well as every French person who identifies with the message of the Catholic Church.

Tonight, France has reaffirmed its attachment to values of the Republic.

We have been totally unanimous in our reaction and have shown solidarity, the G8 and the states that joined us for this summit.

We're very worried about the situation and determined to do everything possible to tackle the problem.

Re-establishment of order is for me an absolute priority... which has not yet been achieved.

Tempers must calm down. The law must be applied in a spirit of dialogue and respect.

The extreme right divides, sorts out and rejects... It wants to introduce inequality and discrimination into the heart of the Constitution. It is an engine of exclusion, discord and violence.

The law should have the final say, and the republic is determined to be stronger than those who want spread violence and fear. Those people will be apprehended, judged and punished.

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Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac
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French Politician, President and Prime Minister of France