Jacques Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac

Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac

French Politician, President and Prime Minister of France

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We are pulling in the same direction.

We need to respond in a strong and quick way to the unquestionable problems that many inhabitants of the deprived neighborhoods surrounding our cities are facing.

Secondly, as far as we're concerned, war always means failure, ... Everything must be done to avoid war.

The actions carried out by Milosevic will not triumph... Barbarism cannot have the last word. Justice must really win in the end, and the criminals will have to defend themselves.

The full truth must come out about these unjustifiable acts.

The president is delighted with Saddam Hussein's arrest.

There are currently no bombs capable of functioning on the French rail network.

They sent an unmistakable signal of freedom... which in turn made closer European integration possible.

Tireless champion of the emancipation and unity of the African continent.

We are sure they (contacts) will resume as quickly as possible because we have many issues to discuss with the Israelis.

We reaffirmed our complete solidarity with the Americans, while being aware that ... military action is not the only way to fight international terrorism and that we must reinforce the means of finding a political solution to the organization of Afghanistan.

Secularity is one of the republic's great achievements, ... It plays a crucial role in social harmony and national cohesion. We must not allow it to be weakened.

The Afghans must create a stable, representative government that prevents the resurgence of terrorism on their territory.

The further stability of foreign exchange markets is of key importance not only to each of our economies but also to the entire world economy,

The recourse to civilian nuclear energy, fully legitimate, must not serve as a pretext to the pursuit of activities whose real end result could be constituting a military nuclear arsenal.

There is a need to respond strongly and rapidly to the undeniable problems faced by many residents of underprivileged neighborhoods around our cities.

Things being complex, it is not realistic to imagine that we could establish a solid peace by cutting it up into small pieces,

To better help the youth, notably the youth in difficulty, to move toward employment, I've decided to create a voluntary civil service.

We are totally opposed to any resolution that gave as of now an automatic character to military intervention.

We reaffirmed our full solidarity not only from the heart but also from our sense of reason... To be clear, we will not sit on the sidelines of this battle against this scourge.

Serb authorities have had an unacceptable behavior for too long with regard to the Kosovo Albanians.

The Austrian government deserves merit for speaking openly what a majority of the citizens think: that a promise of accession will not be made good.

The government and I are determined to fight against terrorism in all its forms. Nothing will be neglected,

The republic is completely determined to be stronger than those who want to sow violence or fear... The last word must be from the law.

There is a problem and that problem is one of equality of opportunity and respect for everyone in the republic.

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Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac
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French Politician, President and Prime Minister of France