Jacques Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac

Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac

French Politician, President and Prime Minister of France

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It is not just refugees but all the Afghan people who are in a precarious situation, a situation of great distress, which is intolerable.

Major contribution to European integration, in the service of a Europe that was political, respectful of workers, competitive and united.

One month, two months, I am ready to accept any accord on this point that has the approval of the inspectors.

France is standing by Pakistan in this painful trial.

Humanitarian aid yes, economic aid no... We will not give aid to a regime that is not democratic and whose leader is a wanted war crimes suspect.

I feel, I tell you from the outset, in very good shape... To hide nothing, I was starting to grow anxious to get out. That's a fact. I started to find the time long, especially at lunch time.

I want to solemnly say to all those who support Milosevic that they are taking a very, very big risk and carry a very, very serious responsibility with regard to their country.

In the context of the rapid development of airline transport and competition... I want to reinforce our legislation regarding controls, information and transparency.

It is not really responsible behavior. It is not well brought-up behavior. They missed a good opportunity to keep quiet.

Many French have problems and difficulties... But violence never solves anything.

One of the world's largest polluters.

France is the friend and ally of Iraq.

Humanity has a rendezvous with destiny... Alarms are sounding across all the continents... We cannot say that we did not know!

I felt they acted frivolously because entry into the European Union implies a minimum of understanding for the others.

I want to stress how much this situation is unworthy of the natural requirements that we owe to people here in France, whatever their origin or nationality.

In the name of the French people, forever a friend to the American people, I express to you the profound emotion and feeling of solidarity in the ordeal that all my compatriots are feeling.

It is now time for our partners to make equivalent proposals in a spirit of give and take, in agriculture as well as in manufacturing and services.

Massive violations of human rights and humanitarian disasters hit entire regions. The Council needs to be able to react and respond.

Our approach and our vision... is identical.

France is waiting to see what Colin Powell says tomorrow and what (weapons inspector Hans) Blix says on the 14th.

I absolutely share the feelings of President Clinton that there can be no economic development aid to a regime which is not democratic,

I have a feeling that tomorrow, leaders will not be tackling issues in the same way as if we hadn't had the sharing of views this afternoon.

I want to tell President Bush, who is my friend, that we bring you the total solidarity of France and the French people, it is a solidarity of the heart.

In this situation there is no solution in confrontation... unity and firmness.

It is possible that in the future we will call upon those of goodwill to help us strengthen the peace process.

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Chirac, fully Jacques René Chirac
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French Politician, President and Prime Minister of France