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By the glare of false science betrayed, that leads to bewilder and dazzles to blind.

Obviously we're bottom and not doing very well but we showed what we're made of today. Chelsea had a lot of possession, probably 70 per cent but we sucked it up at the back and I thought we did really well today.

Thy shades, thy silence, now be mine, thy charms my only theme; my haunt the hollow cliff, whose pine waves o'er the gloomy stream. Where the sacred owl, on pinions gray, breaks from the rustling boughs, and down the lone vale sails away, to more profound repose.

Contentment opes the source of every joy.

Old age comes on apace to ravage all the clime.

'Tis night, and the landscape is lovely no more; I mourn, but you woodlands I mourn not for you! For spring is returning your charms to restore, perfumed with fresh fragrance and glittering with dew. Nor yet for the ravage of winter I mourn, kind nature the embryo blossom shall save; but when shall spring visit the mouldering urn?

Dreadful is their doom, whom doubt has driven to censure fate, and pious hope forego.

Or merry swains, who quaff the nut-brown ale, and sing enamored of the nut-brown maid.

To the pure soul by Fancy's fire refined, ah, what is mirth but turbulence unholy, when with the charm compared of heavenly melancholy.

Ah! when shall it dawn on the night of the grave!

Duncan can definitely play a part in the second half of the season. Duncan's had a tremendous career and he's a legend here. We would not want to see him call it a day. We will be trying to persuade him in every way we can, and I'd like to see him stay on.

Perish the lore that deadens young desire!

True dignity is his whose tranquil mind virtue has raised above the things below; who, every hope and fear to heaven resign'd shrinks not, though fortune aims her deadliest blow.

Ah, who can tell how hard it is to climb the steep where Fame's proud temple shines afar?

From labor health, from health contentment spring; contentment opes the source of every joy.

Silent when glad; affectionate, though shy.

'Twas thus by the glare of false science betray'd, that leads to bewilder, and dazzles to blind.

All I can do is keep my head down and I will keep working hard and if I get the call it would be brilliant. I have put in a lot of hard work and I have had loads of support from the lads and from the fans as well.

He thought as a sage, though he felt like a man.

That [responsibility] has been the case since I got here and I haven't been able to show anybody that I can handle it.

What cannot art and industry perform, when science plans the progress of their toil!

All such fooleries are quite inconsistent with that manly simplicity of manners which is so honorable to the national character.

In all instances where our experience of the past has been extensive and uniform, our judgment concerning the future amounts to moral certainty.

The captious turn of a habitual wrangler deadens the understanding, sours the temper, and hardens the heart.

When squint-eyed Slander plies the unhallow'd tongue, from poison'd maw when Treason weaves his line, and Muse apostate (infamy to song!) Grovels, low muttering, at Sedition's shrine.

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