James Patterson, fully James Brendan Patterson

Patterson, fully James Brendan Patterson

American Author known for his novels about fictional psychologist Alex Cross

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What happened to your tan?"--Fang "It was dirt." --Max

When you go out to Hollywood, it's like, "Here's the book. It is what it is. It'll always stay the same."

Yes!? said Fang, punching the air. ?Freaks rule.

You plan to fail if you fail to plan.

Reading is not work, not a chore, not a drudgery; reading is the most joyful thing, yet, in the world.

Some people just don't have what it takes to appreciate a cookie.

The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective.

Then I found it: the source of the blood, the place where he'd been shot. 'Total?' I said, and I got a slight whimper. 'You have a boo-boo on your tail.

This summer, I'll be bringing out a mystery that involves a young lawyer and a court scene the likes of which I don't think you've ever seen. Hollywood said this is meets John Grisham.

We try not to encourage demonstrations of his mastery of the gaseous arts.

What I said yesterday didn't mean anything! I love everyone in the flock! Plus, it was the Valium talking!" "Uh-huh. You just keep telling yourself that. You looove me." Max: (tries to punch him) "Pick a tree. I'll go carve our initials in it." Max: (screams and runs into bathroom)

Where was the catch? 'Cause I knew one was coming.

Yes, I sounded like a pathetic weenie. I prefer to think of it as showing my softer side.

You really are a scary man, no really! If I had boots I would be quaking in them.

Right now, America looks like a fatheaded, shortsighted, gas-guzzling arrogant blowhard to the rest of the world.

Sometimes a happy delusion is better than grim reality.

The hamster called. He wants his home back.

Then I went to bed and cried into my pillow. I wasn't sad, not at all. It was just so beautiful to have an intense feeling and the right words at the same time. What are we but our stories?

This time I wouldn't forget him, because I couldn't ever forgive him - for breaking my heart twice.

We went back to the weird Institute building. At night there was a lot more activity. Erasers coming in non-stop. Nice cars, nice clothes, nice smug faces (that I wanted to smash!). -Fang's Blog

What I'm really addicted to is getting people to understand that if their kids aren't competent readers coming out of middle school, it's really going to be hard for them in high school.

While carefully synchronizing our wings-they almost touched-Fang leaned in, gently put one hand behind my neck and kissed me. It was just about close to heaven i'll ever get, I guess. I closed my eyes, lost in the feeling of flying and kissing and being with the one person in the world I completely ,utterly trusted.

Yes, Max, you are going to die. Just like everybody else. Thank you, Confucious.

You see, one of the best things about reading is that you'll always have something to think about when you're not reading.

Right there, in front of everyone, I threw my arms around his neck and mashed my mouth against his. He was startled for a second, then his strong arms wrapped around me so tightly I could hardly breathe. "ZOMG," I heard Nudge whisper.

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Patterson, fully James Brendan Patterson
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American Author known for his novels about fictional psychologist Alex Cross