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Overturned water doesn't return to the tray (There's no use crying over spilt milk).

Repentance never comes first.

Sons may look and behave like their fathers. This is due to inheritance and the example observed closely and daily.

The base of a lighthouse is dark.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained; No pain, no gain.

One must put on a brave display even in adversity.

Overturned water doesn't return to the tray.

Revere the Emperor and expel the barbarians.

Sparrows, though they live to be a hundred, do not forget their dance.

The blind man does not fear the snake.

Nothing will grow, if the seed be not sown.

One peach rotting, one hundred are damaged.

Oxen go with oxen, horses with horses.

Riches and honors unjustly gained are like floating clouds.

Spilt water will not return to the tray.

The boaster and the proud person are fools.

Not-speaking is the flower (Silence is golden)

One seeing is better than one hundred hearings.

People want to avoid the dew before they become wet.

Sake [in other words alcohol], reveals the true heart.

Stepping into a melon field, standing under a plum tree (, such behavior causes misunderstanding that you want to steal those fruits); implying that you must avoid actions which could be taken on a bad faith.

The body is tortured only by the demon of the heart.

Obey the customs of the village you enter.

One sees the sky through a hollow reed.

Perseverance is better than defeat.

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