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More than just silliness or stupidity, a vivid sense of humor can yield insight into a person's modesty, passion, and intelligence.

People tend to spend their adult years either reliving or trying to terminate the image they carried in high school.

The difference between being a moral pillar versus a moral sheep is a matter of keeping a vigilant watch on oneself and purposely shaping one's behavior - rather than being bumped around by consequences, the opinions of others, fear of punishment, or social convention.

The values in this chapter are about deciding what you believe the right thing to do is, and then doing it.

Value peace. Children raised in tense homes or experiencing duress in-utero appear to develop brain differences from children not so burdened. One's inability to take responsibility for growth is subjecting one's children to a lifetime of vulnerability.

Why accept darkness over seeing, when the light can actually be lit? The funny thing about smog being, that over time, you fail to notice it.

Music is as prestigious as mathematics.

Perhaps passion does not negate objectivity, but rather, emboldens it.

The finer things in life are fine, but the meaningful things in life are more meaningful.

The way Martin Luther King used references to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America was a brilliant move. His charismatic voice, eloquent words, peaceful yet strong demeanor, and strategy of urging the powerful White majority to look within themselves and confront the hypocrisy that results from mixing liberty and justice with complacency and ignorance, all were ingenious.

Values of the Wise definitely has a 'traditional values' and 'family values' element to it; the folks on the political right don't have dominion over the term 'values' and certainly not over righteousness. And since when did premarital sex become more morally interesting than the hubris and greed with which so many of our leaders conduct themselves?

Why not strive for joie de vivre, beyond a life bereft of fervor? Why not decide to believe, thus taking you higher and further?

My life is a map; proud ink on olde leather. Relief depicts the saga of my life: love is represented by the mountain. The river symbolizes pain. Time is shown by vast grasslands. The symbols make sense to none other than me.

Physics, astronomical phenomena, microbiology, and on and on... Are masked in darkness until our senses or reason bring the dawn. Yet we have no direct evidence of God; perhaps one day the skeptical will be awed...

The foundation on which my true self has been built is shaky to the degree that the bricks forming it are lies. Part of the bedrock supporting my pride is silt- I want one to know only truth when gazing in my eyes.

The white visitor to the sacred circle asked the Great Spirit, "What do I tell my child when she asks, ?What happened to the Indians?'" "Tell her the truth," was the reply.

We all believe some positive things about ourselves which are true, and some which are untrue. There are also true and untrue negative self-perceptions; the trick is not to be mistaken about which are which.

Why spend your time worrying about the meaning of life and such when there are so many more important things for us to do?

Now that I'm on my third book on values, I feel totally inadequate. I'm using a little bit of Woody Allenesque self-deprecation, but basically, that is true; it is hard to study legends like Twain, Socrates, King, Shaw, Gandhi and Keller and not feel like an underachiever.

Progressive thinkers have been calling reactionaries heartless and conservatives have termed liberals foolish for centuries. We will all have to grow in order that we may abolish such polarized and pejorative approaches to the problems of the world. But make no mistake; the problems of the world must be solved if we are to be able to grow on into the future.

The fusion of progressive and classical values this book is about is not "radical" compared to let's say Jesus, Jefferson, or King. It's just that certain political factions want to marginalize a value system that does not maintain the status quo in regard to race, class, church/state alliances, and societal responsibilities. Our country needs major work, and so does the world - people are suffering needlessly, and this is not okay. "Values of the wise" are our answer.

The wise person makes as high an appraisal of self as they truly can.

We all make mistakes and are imperfect. People can fear looking foolish or being shown to have weaknesses. Everything else but our ethical choices, our moral conduct, can easily be overlooked or chalked up to inexperience, ignorance, or just plain being human. If one's values are well-determined and consistently applied, one ought to feel confident.

Why view the world two-dimensionally, when three glorious dimensions exist? Why not wonder unconventionally, choosing to live rather than just persist?

Of all humanity's creations, the virtues are by far the most sublime.

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Author, Philosophical Thinker and Independent Scholar