Jean Baptiste Lacordaire, fully Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire

Jean Baptiste
Lacordaire, fully Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire

French Dominican Friar, Dominican and Theologian

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In the light of faith you see things quite differently.

Often ask God for the grace to touch hearts.

The miracles of God’s Providence take place every day.

You can perform miracles by touching the hearts of those entrusted to your care.

Inspire and lead others by encouraging them.

Often remind yourself that God is with you.

The more loving you are to the young, the greater will be the effects of God’s grace.

You have received talents and graces from God.

It is important that you teach your disciples to pray.

Often remind yourself that you are in the presence of God.

The more you abandon to God the care of all temporal things the more He will take care to provide for all your wants. But if on the contrary you try to supply all your needs Providence will allow you to continue to do just that, and then it may very well happen that even necessity will be lacking to you. For God will reprove you for your lack of faith in reliance on self.

You must pray not only for yourself but also for those whom you are guiding.

It is impossible to please God if you do not live on friendly terms

Prayer draws down God’s graces on others.

The more you devote yourself in prayer the more you will do well in your work.

Young people need good teachers, like visible angels.

God’s compassion for you is greater than the troubles you have.

Know your students individually and be able to understand them.

Preach by example, and practice before the eyes of the young what you wish them to accept.

The way you behave should be a model for those you teach.

Young people need the light of watchful guides to lead them on the path of salvation.

God’s word is powerful in touching hearts.

Leave the result in God’s hands.

Prepare a path for God so that he can enter your heart.

The young should be able to see in your wisdom how they should behave.

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Jean Baptiste
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Lacordaire, fully Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire
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French Dominican Friar, Dominican and Theologian