Jean Baptiste Lacordaire, fully Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire

Jean Baptiste
Lacordaire, fully Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire

French Dominican Friar, Dominican and Theologian

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God’s compassion for you is greater than the troubles you have.

Know your students individually and be able to understand them.

Preach by example, and practice before the eyes of the young what you wish them to accept.

The way you behave should be a model for those you teach.

Young people need the light of watchful guides to lead them on the path of salvation.

God’s word is powerful in touching hearts.

Leave the result in God’s hands.

Prepare a path for God so that he can enter your heart.

The young should be able to see in your wisdom how they should behave.

Your face should be happy, showing gentleness and respect.

Have great respect for each person you are with.

Let it be your chief study to put the Gospel into practice.

Put up with the faults of others and be generous towards them.

Think of what a blessing it is that the Holy Spirit lives in you.

Your faith should be a shining light for those whom you teach.

Have much care and affection for the young people entrusted to you.

Let the way you live be that of the Gospel.

Receive Jesus today with respect and thanksgiving.

This work of teaching is one of the most important in the Church.

Have you been helping your disciples practice the good that is appropriate to their age?

Let us pray before starting whatever we need to do.

Remembering that God is with you will help and inspire you in all that you do.

To be entrusted with the teaching of the young is a great gift and

Hold prayer in high esteem. It is the foundation of all the virtues, and the source of all grace needed to sanctify ourselves and to discharge the duties of our employment.

Let your chief study be the Bible, that it may be the guiding rule of your life.

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Jean Baptiste
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Lacordaire, fully Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire
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French Dominican Friar, Dominican and Theologian