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Indian Philosopher, Holy Man

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To know oneself is to study oneself in action, which is relationship.ÿ

Goodness, generosity, or love does not come into being save through the search for reality.ÿ

To understand what is right meditation there must be an awareness of the operation of one's own consciousness, and then there is complete attention.ÿ

In the search for reality, energy creates its own discipline. But mere discipline, without full comprehension of all this, has no meaning, it is a most destructive thing.ÿ

We are empty shells if we do not possess, if we do not fill our life with furniture, with music, with knowledge, with this or that. And that shell makes a lot of noise, and that noise we call living; and with that we are satisfied. When there is a disruption, a breaking away of that, then there is sorrow, because you suddenly discover yourself as you are--an empty shell, without much meaning.ÿ

I may say, I love my wife, but it is not the actual fact. I love the image which I have about her is not attacking discovered that relationship means freedom from images, conclusions; and therefore means responsibility and love.

The innermost depths of the self is absolutely not ? a ? thing. And the beauty, the greatness, the magnitude of love is only possible thought realize it has no place in relationship ? and therefore love is.

We are always depending on somebody; and that dependence will inevitably bring about corruption.

Intelligence is not the clever pursuit of argument, of opposing contradictions, opinions ? as though opinions truth can be found, which is impossible ? but it is to realize that the activity of thought, with all its capacities, subtleties and extraordinary ceaseless activity, is not intelligence.

The mind is separate from the brain? Separate in the sense that the brain?s condition and the mind is not.

We need a mind and a heart that is not put together by thought. Thought is not going to solve our problems, because these problems have come into being through the activities of thought.

Intelligence is the understanding or discovering of what love is. Intelligence has nothing whatsoever to do with thought, his cleverness, with knowledge.

The moment there was thought about the unknown, the mind is agitated; it is always seeking to bring the unknown into the known. But the unknown can never be brought into the known, and hence the conflict between the known and the unknown.

What a person is attached to a belief, person, or an idea, there is in that attachment conflict, fear, jealousy, anxiety, that is part of the atrophy the brain, this constant repetition.

Is totally relevant is what is now, with you can alter the way you live now.

The outward world in the inward world are put together by thought. Thought this material process.

When we observe what is actually going on world and deeply in our own consciousness, that observation can remain pure, direct, clear, when there is no extraction of what is observed into an idea. Most of us live with ideas, which are not actualities. Ideas then become all-important, not what actually is.

All knowledge is of the past, is it not? Knowledge can never be of the now, it is always receding into the past. Knowledge is static; you may add more to it, but it is a dead thing.

Knowledge is absolutely essential. You can add to it, take away from it, but the immensity of knowledge is a human necessity. Now is knowledge necessary in relationship between human beings?... Relationship means to be related, relationship means to respond to each other in freedom, with its responsibility. So what place has thought in relationship? Thought, which is capable of remembering, imagining, contriving, designing, calculating: what place has a human relationship? Has it anyplace at all?

The self is a problem that thought cannot resolve. There must be an awareness which is not of thought. To be aware, without combination or justification, of the activities of the self ? just to be aware ? is sufficient.

Without passion life has no meaning.

Any form of becoming is an illusion, and becoming implies kind, time for the psyche to change.

Learning means instant perception, therefore learning does not require time.

There is no security and belief, in a conclusion, and any person, in any social structure, in any leader, in following anybody... There is security and inside, not in conclusion.

Attachment to a belief is part of the desire to be secure, and the desire and demand for psychological security in any form brings about this atrophying of the brain.

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Indian Philosopher, Holy Man