Jim Barksdale, formally James Love Barksdale

Barksdale, formally James Love Barksdale

American Business Executive, CEO and President of Netscape Communications Corporation

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The fact is we have very few facts. The purpose of the Internet Policy Institute is to gather the kind of data that's going to be essential to develop the Internet.

We can collaborate with a Netscape employee or partner who's halfway around the world. We can distribute information and software to customers and shareholders, and get their feedback.

Your job is to run as fast as you can towards the cliff. My job is to move the cliff.

The fourth quarter was a pivotal one for Netscape, as we underscored our focus on the enterprise market with the introduction of our next-generation client and server software suites.

We can provide beta software to our developers in advance of the general public. We can easily link up with external partners, customers, and suppliers.

The infantry is always ahead of headquarters.

We provide many options in many product areas that they seem to want to adopt, and that's working well for us.

The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing.

We?re going to jump with every chute we build.

The most effective military strategy in history: point all your forces right at the enemy and beyond.

Well, another market is being created now out of Internet technology.

The purpose of a business is to create and retain customers. citing Peter Drucker

Well, the sales of our products clearly demonstrate their value to businesses and to individuals.

The way to boil a frog in water is to turn up the heat real slow.

We're building a great company, and we're very excited about the future of the company.

There ain't never been a horse that can't be roped.

We're going to jump with every chute we build.

There are no pat answers - we're pushing through some new frontiers, and lessons of the past don't always apply.

We're lost, but we're making good time.

There's a push and shove between people who want to take the beach and build condominiums and some local people who don't want to have anything to do with that.

We're no longer a small business; we're a large organization spread around the world. I can't imagine Netscape growing as fast as it has if it weren't for the way we use our products.

They?ve got a bigger bulldog to feed.

We've tapped into a huge demand, and it's up to us to fulfill that demand and to be creative doing it.

Take our own company as an example: We're living proof, we jump with our own parachutes.

This is a marvelous way to put people together on the Web.

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Barksdale, formally James Love Barksdale
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American Business Executive, CEO and President of Netscape Communications Corporation