Jimmy Wales, fully Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales

Wales, fully Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales

American Internet Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Promoter on the online nonprofit encyclopedia Wikipedia and for the for-profit Wikia web-hosting company

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We delete things that are not good. They're taken down for good reasons.

Wikipedia is a non-profit. It was either the dumbest thing I ever did or the smartest thing I ever did. Communities can build amazing things, but you have to be part of that community and you can't abuse them. You have to be very respectful of what their needs are.

We don't need secrecy.

Wikipedia is first and foremost an effort to create and distribute a free encyclopedia of the highest possible quality to every single person on the planet in their own language. Asking whether the community comes before or after this goal is really asking the wrong question: the entire purpose of the community is precisely this goal.

We don't pay for publicity, never have and most likely never will; it hasn't been necessary, and I don't see that it will be necessary.

Wikis and social networking are just tools.

We don't stoop to the level of our worst critics, no matter how much we may find them to be annoying.

You don't delete it. If they wanted to put in their side of things, that would seem ethically relevant, rather than just omitting it.

We have constant problems where we have people who are trying to repeatedly abuse our sites.

You know, when I think about what I'm doing, what I'm doing and the way I'm doing it is more important to me than any amount of money or anything like that because it's my artistic work.

We have to come together, worldwide, and 'think.' We have a tool - the internet - to let us do that. Let's use it wisely.

You shouldn't use anything as the sole source for anything, in my view.

We have to continually evaluate whether our controls are enough.

Your user ID is the basis for your reputation. If you are doing good work, you will gain trust. If you do bad work it will get reverted. We don't care about your personal name or what your previous credentials are.

We're very pleased with the results and we're hoping it will focus people's attention on the overall level of our work, which is pretty good.

We've always had a love/hate relationship with numbers.

We've had a lot of interest from investors, and it was really a matter of sorting through the investors to be sure that people who are investing were people who were believers in our mission.

We've seen how grassroots journalism by blogs has had an impact at various points politically, as ordinary people have amplified stories that were being ignored by the traditional press.

What can we put into the hands of people under oppressive regimes to help them? For me, a big part of it is information, knowledge - the ability to defeat propaganda by understanding it.

What we're hopeful to see is that by slowing that down to 1,500 a day from several thousand, the people who are monitoring this will have more ability to improve the quality. In many cases the types of things we see going on are impulse vandalism.

What you don't get in the mainstream media is so much of the background material.

When someone just writes 'f**k, f**k, f**k', we just fix it, laugh and move on. But the difficult social issues are the borderline cases ? people who do some good work, but who are also a pain in the neck.

While I'm optimistic about the direction the world is headed, generally, I think there is a need for constant vigilance and pressure on repressive governments.

Freely licensed textbooks are the next big thing in education.

I joke a lot that (choosing to be a nonprofit) was either the best thing or the worst thing I've ever done. But I think that the site wouldn't have been successful with ads. People might not be so quick to contribute.

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Wales, fully Jimmy Donal "Jimbo" Wales
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American Internet Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Promoter on the online nonprofit encyclopedia Wikipedia and for the for-profit Wikia web-hosting company