JK Rowling, formally Joanne "Jo" Rowling

Rowling, formally Joanne "Jo" Rowling

British Novelist, Author of the Harry Potter fantasy series

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What must strike any intelligent witch or wizard on studying the so-called history of the Elder Wand is that every man who claims to have owned it has insisted that it is unbeatable, when the known facts of its passage through many owners' hands demonstrate that has it not only been beaten hundreds of times, but that it also attracts trouble as Grumble the Grubby Goat attracted flies.

When he straightened up again, there were six Harry Potters gasping and panting in front of him. Fred and George turned to each other and said together, Wow -- we're identical!

Where do vanished objects go? Into nonbeing, which is to say, everything, replied Professor McGonagall. Nicely phrased, replied the eagle door knocker, and the door swung open.

Why are you worrying about you-know-who? You should be worrying about u-no-poo- the constipation sensation that's gripping the nation! Harry started to laugh. He heard a weak sort of moan beside him and looked round to see Mrs. Weasley gazing, dumbfounded, at the poster. Her lips moved, silently mouthing the name 'U-No-Poo.

We've got it [Percy's Head Boy badge], Fred whispered to Harry. We're improving it. The badge now read Bighead Boy.

What she did have were Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, Chocolate Frogs, Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes, Licorice Wands, and a number of other strange things Harry had never seen in his life.

When I get married,' said Fred, tugging at the collar of his own robes. 'I won't be bothering with any of this nonsense. You can all wear what you like and I'll put a full body-bind curse on mum until it's over.

Where is Wood? said Harry, suddenly realizing he wasn't there. Still in the showers, said Fred. We think he's trying to drown himself.

Why can?t I drink the potion instead? asked Harry desperately. Because I am much older, much cleverer, and much less valuable, said Dumbledore.

What are we doing here? Has something gone wrong? Oh no, Ron, came Fred?s voice, very sarcastically. No, this is exactly where we wanted to end up.

What was there to be gained by fighting the most evil wizard who has ever existed? said Black, with a terrible fury in his face. Only innocent lives, Peter!

When I was in my teens I had issues with OCD.

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Why do I talk about the benefits of failure? Simply because failure meant a stripping away of the inessential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and began to direct all my energy into finishing the only work that mattered to me.

What are you doing with all those books anyway? Ron asked. Just trying to decide which ones to take with us, said Hermione. When we're looking for the Horcruxes. Oh, of course, said Ron, clapping a hand to his forehead. I forgot we'll be hunting down Voldemort in a mobile library.

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.

When I was quite young my parents never said books were off limits.

Where's the fun without a bit of risk?

Why do they have to move in packs? Harry asked Ron as a dozen or so girls walked past them, sniggering and staring at Harry. How're you supposed to get one on their own to ask them? Lasso one? Ron suggested.

What can you see in mine? A load of soggy brown stuff, said Harry.

What would come, would come...and you would have to meet it, when it did.

When in doubt, go to the library.

Wherever Harry went inside the tiny cottage or its garden, he could hear the constant ebb and flow of the sea, like the breathing of some great, slumbering creature.

Why had he never appreciated the miracle that he was, brain and nerve and bounding heart?

What do I care how 'e looks? I am good-looking enough for both of us, I theenk! All these scars show is zat my husband is brave!

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Rowling, formally Joanne "Jo" Rowling
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British Novelist, Author of the Harry Potter fantasy series