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Israeli Spiritual Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author and Teacher

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And so just when we think that resources are dwindling, we find new resources that can achieve the same things.

First we have to understand what doubts and fears are, how anxiety and doubts and fears come about. They are a psychic disease.

I don't look at myself as a hero, I look at myself as somebody who has taken life with a lot of fun and I take it very seriously, I know it?s a very short journey and so I want to grow, I want to develop, I want to be as good as I can be so I can share what all my talents and gifts allow me to share with other individuals to make their lives better.

I was told that if you work hard, bust your butt, go to school, and get great grades, you?d do well in life. That?s a bunch of crap. Today we have better information about how the universe operates and how we operate.

It is really important to know that it is not just about us but about the community.

Remember to take a break from your daily ?do, do, do? to just ?be?.

There is nothing that separates us except our belief that we are separate and so everything I do that is good in the world you benefit from you benefit from and everything I do that is not good in the world you lose from, and vice versa.

Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside, is what will manifest on the outside.

Anyone can stay the same. It takes courage to change.

Having the Creator in my life, having the spiritual connection to the divine intelligence that created me.

I drive a lot of joy from being able to help others and helping put them on the path that they want.

I was twenty one years old and I thought, "here I am my health is at risk, my life is going to go downhill from here and I really had to have a look in the mirror to see what the cause was of that and the cause of that was me.

It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to develop mastery and excellence. How many hours have you clocked today on your passion?

Some things aren't to my taste and I wish they wouldn't have happened but they have been some of the best experiences to learn and grow from so I am grateful for every moment.

To having no self-esteem to feeling wonderful about yourself doing what you love to do and making the money that you want to be making. That is my contribution to humanity.

When the brain isn't working properly and we don't understand how to calibrate the brain for optimal performance we are going to feel these doubts, fears and anxieties and most people when this happens they don't understand why and they let that paralyze them.

Are you a hoarder of more negative thoughts or positive ones? Whichever ones you hoard, grow into trees and then forests.

Here's the problem. Most people are thinking about what they don't want, and they're wondering why it shows up over and over again.

I have a huge guarantee for you! If you don?t make a decision and change your thinking, emotions, and habits in the next 6-12 months ? You will achieve the same results and be in the exact same place (or worse off) than you are 2-5 years from now. You are either in a creation mode or destruction mode ? In our universe, nothing stays the same.

I will continue to make mistakes and hope to be forgiven so I have to treat people the same way I want to be treated.

It takes courage to look like an idiot possibly and fall and fail but that's what it takes to learn to succeed so you have to be willing to practice or rehearse to work your risk muscle.

Sometimes we forget that the top of the wave, the top of the crest is always the bottom, there is no inside without an outside, and there is no up without a down.

Truly forgive yourself for past mistakes, and release the weight, shame, guilt and any other possible negative emotions the mistake carries with it. Forgive yourself, live lighter, shine brighter.

When we pray with our hearts and our souls I think we are being heard.

Be purposeful. Be patient, and be active.

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Israeli Spiritual Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author and Teacher