Leo Tolstoy, aka Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy or Tolstoi

Tolstoy, aka Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy or Tolstoi

Russian Essayist, Realistic Fiction Novelist and Playwright, best known for novels "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina"

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You're not racing? joked the officer. Mine is a harder race, Alexei Alexandrovich replied respectfully. And though the reply did not mean anything, the officer pretended that he had heard a clever phrase from a clever man and had perfectly understood.

Yes, yes, how was it now? He thought, going over his dream. Now, how was it? To be sure! Alabin was giving a dinner at Darmstadt; no, not Darmstadt, but something American. Yes, but then, Darmstadt was in America. Yes, Alabin was giving a dinner on glass tables, and the tables sang, Il mio tesoro-not Il mio tesoro though, but something better, and there were some sort of little decanters on the table, and they were women, too, he Remembered.

You've said nothing, of course, and I ask nothing, he was saying; but you know that friendship's not what I want: that there's only one happiness in life for me, that word that you dislike so?yes, love!

Yes: if only a hundredth of the efforts spent in curing diseases were spent in curing debauchery, disease would long ago have ceased to exist, whereas now all efforts are employed, not in extirpating debauchery, but in favoring it, by assuring the harmlessness of the consequences.

Yet time and again, from different approaches, I kept coming to the same conclusion, that I could not have come into the world without any cause, reason, or meaning; that I could not be the fledgling fallen from the nest that I felt myself to be. If I lie on my back crying in the tall grass, like a fledgling, it is because I know that my mother brought me into the world, kept me warm, fed me and loved me. But where is she, that mother? If I am abandoned, then who has abandoned me? I cannot hide myself from the fact that someone who loved me gave birth to me. Who is this someone? Again, God.

You can love a person dear to you with a human love, but an enemy can only be loved with divine love.

You can offend an honorable person and a honest woman, but to tell a thief is a thief is just her constatation d'un fait.

You can save a person who does not want to get lost, but if the whole nature is degraded to the point and perverted that own destruction seems to be her salvation, what is there to do?

You can't understand it; for you men, who are free and make your own choice, it's always clear whom you love. But a girl's in a position of suspense, with all a woman's or maiden's modesty, a girl who sees you men from afar, who takes everything on trust,? a girl may have, and often has, such a feeling that she cannot tell what to say.

You do not need to wonder: was not here. She knew the right of the flag, as if it is who Onboha so, he was here to be where you are.

You say: I am not free. But I have raised and lowered my arm. Everyone understands that this illogical answer is an irrefutable proof of freedom.

Yashvin, a gambler and a drunkard, a completely baseless unprincipled man without morals, the regiment was Vronsky's best friend. He liked him because of his physical constitution unlikely, mainly expressed in the fact that he could drink like a bottomless barrel and without sleep, without having the slightest remarked to him.

You see, if you take pains and learn in order to get a reward, the work will seem hard; but when you work... if you love your work, you will find your reward in that.

Yes, I suppose so, answered Anna, as though wondering at the boldness of his question; but the irrepressible, quivering brilliance of her eyes and her smile set him on fire as she said it.

You think that your laws correct evil - they only increase it. There is but one way to end evil - by rendering good for evil to all men without distinction.

Yes, love...but not the love that loves for something, to gain something, or because of something, but that love that I felt for the first time, when dying, I saw my enemy and yet loved him. I knew that feeling of love which is the essence of the soul, for which no object is needed. And I know that blissful feeling now too. To love one's neighbors; to love one's enemies. To love everything - to Love God in all His manifestations. Someone dear to one can be loved with human love; but an enemy can only be loved with divine love. And that was why I felt such joy when I felt that I loved that man. What happened to him? Is he alive? ...Loving with human love, one may pass from love to hatred; but divine love cannot change. Nothing, not even death, can shatter it. It is the very nature of the soul. And how many people I have hated in my life. And of all people none I have loved and hated more than her.... If it were only possible for me to see her once more... once, looking into those eyes to say...

You wait a bit, wait a bit, said Stepan Arkadyevitch, smiling and touching his hand. I've told you what I know, and I repeat that in this delicate and tender matter, as far as one can conjecture, I believe the chances are in your favor.

Yes, that's it ', reflected Darya Alexandrovna, recalling his life in those fifteen years of marriage,' pregnancy, motion sickness, dulled thinking, indifference to everything, and especially making... The birth, suffering, suffering horrendous, that last minute.

You will die - and it will all be over. You will die and find out everything - or cease asking.

Yes, there is something in me hateful, repulsive, thought Ljewin, as he came away from the Schtscherbazkijs', and walked in the direction of his brother's lodgings. And I don't get on with other people. Pride, they say. No, I have no pride. If I had any pride, I should not have put myself in such a position.

You worldly-minded people are most unfortunate! You are surrounded with sorrows and troubles overhead and underfoot and to the right and to the left, and you are enigmas even to yourselves.

What is precious is not the reward but the work. And I wish you to understand that. If you work and study in order to get a reward, the work will seem hard to you; but when you work, if you love the work, you will find your reward in that.

When a person is haughty, he distances himself from other people and thereby deprives himself of one of life?s biggest pleasures?open, joyful communication with everyone.

When you understand that you will die to-morrow, if not to-day, and nothing will be left, then everything is so unimportant!... So one goes on living, amusing oneself with hunting, with work - anything so as not think of death

With eyes on Napoleon thought of the insignificance of greatness, the unimportance of life which no one understood subject in even greater insignificance of death whose meaning was hidden and impenetrable to humans.

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Tolstoy, aka Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy or Tolstoi
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Russian Essayist, Realistic Fiction Novelist and Playwright, best known for novels "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina"