Martha Beck, fully Martha Nibley Beck

Beck, fully Martha Nibley Beck

American Sociologist, Life Coach, Author and Speaker

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Hopeful thinking can get you out of your fear zone and into your appreciation zone.

I practice staying calm all the time, beginning with situations that aren't tense.

And thus I learned that at Harvard, while knowing a great deal is the norm and knowing everything is the goal, appearing to know everything is an acceptable substitute. I pondered this great truth during the two-hour seminar. I was so buoyed up by it that I didn't pay enough attention to snorkeling up little bits of food in order to keep my nausea under control. I sailed right on into my next class, another seminar, confident that I could get through it without losing my lunch.

Bracketing has turned all my experiences, remembered and present, into a gallery of miracles where I wander around dazzled by the beauty of events I cannot explain.

Do whatever work feeds your true self, even if it?s not a safe bet, even if it?s like a crazy risk, even if everyone in your life tells you you?re wrong or bad or crazy.

Fear is the raw material from which courage is manufactured. Without it, we wouldn't even know what it means to be brave.

Humans only really learn from each other by storytelling. We didn't evolve to memorize things. We evolved to hear each other's stories and feel them in our heart. Your life is the most powerful story you can tell.

I really do think that any deep crisis is an opportunity to make your life extraordinary in some way.

Angels come in many shapes and sizes, and most of them are not invisible.

Breathe in, breathe out, no fear, no doubt.

Don?t worry that you?ve wasted time. Each moment -- no matter how frozen or confused -- was a useful and necessary lesson.

Feel about yourself what you would have others feel about themselves.

I also thought about that seminar classmate on Adam's ninth birthday. Adam had insisted on going to a pizza-and-games arcade for his party. The only person he'd invited besides his sisters was someone I'll call Lonnie, whom Adam claimed to be his girlfriend. Although I had often heard Adam sing about Lonnie, I had never met her, or seen Adam interact with any girl. I was afraid that he would start humping her leg the second she came in range. These were fears I'd sustained since before he was born; I though all people with Down syndrome were grossly over-affectionate. I was grossly wrong.

I remember reading about an NFL receiver who studies yoga so that his limber limbs won't be surprised when they're slammed into strange positions as he plays his full-contact sport. Well, in case you haven't noticed, life is a full-contact sport, at least for the soul.

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Beck, fully Martha Nibley Beck
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American Sociologist, Life Coach, Author and Speaker