Max Frisch


Swiss Playwright and Novelist

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What makes Shakespeare so overwhelming is the way in which the situation (who is confronting whom) is usually itself part of the composition, meaningful already as a situation.

What we call unfaithfuless: our attempt for once to get out from behind our own face, our desperate hope of eluding the definitive.

When you say a friend has a sense of humor do you mean that he makes you laugh, or that he can make you laugh?

Where the works gives scope for individuality, one sees a blossoming of self-respect.

Why there are so many great actresses, so few great woman writers? The erotic urge that lies at the bottom of all art has a feminine and a masculine character. Feminine is the urge to be; masculine the urge to do. Interpretative art always has more of the feminine about it.

You can lose a woman when you have won her.

You can put anything into words, except your own life.

You can't make the incomprehensible comprehensible without losing it completely.

You hold the pen like a needle in a seismic observatory, and in fact it is not we who write, but rather we are written. Writing means to read oneself.

You merely had an affair with me, to be exact, and therefore no right to prevent me from another affair.'

Your virtuous living is your enemy's best and cheapest weapon.

What hope have you know given up?

The monstrous paradox that people come closer to one another without words.

The older you get the simpler you want to make it.

The renunciation of recognition will never become possible without a certitude that our life is directed by a supra-human authority.

The self-knowledge that gradually or abruptly alienates a person from his previous life.

The sort of misery that brings no moral reward, misery that is of no value to the mind and soul, that is the true misery, it is hopeless, bestial and nothing else.

Theatrical effectiveness, I believe, lies in its rarity its uniqueness.

There are all sorts of ways of murdering a person or at least his soul, and that's something no police in the world can spot.

There are moments when her voice is all he needs.

There is no art without Eros.

Plots- it seems there are thousands of them, all one's acquaintances known some, strangers make a present of them in letters, each the basis for a play or a novel.

They wanted what is possible only once: the now.

Present it is a culture that strictly ignores present obligations and places itself entirely at the service of eternity.

To a certain degree we are really the person others have seen in us.

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Swiss Playwright and Novelist