Mexican Proverbs


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The whole arena tells them to kill the bull, yet the bull should kill no one.

Time heals and then it kills.

When in doubt of what is right, consult your pillow overnight.

The lion believes that everyone shares his state of mind.

There is more time than life.

Time is money.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

The lover of a student does not always become the wife of a graduate.

There is no choosing between two things of no value.

To pleasure and to pain, give neither free rein.

When it's time to fry the beans, you can't do without lard.

The more one looks, the less one sees.

There is no evil that comes without something good.

To the dead, internment and, to the living, enjoyment orto the dead, the grave and, to the living, chicken.

When on an unenjoyable walk, walk faster.

The most desirable woman is always the one who belongs to someone else.

There?s no accounting for taste.

To the satiated bird, cherries taste bitter.

When the river sounds, it's because it carries water.

The mule wasn't born wild, the stick made her that way.

There?s no escaping from death and fate.

To win a dispute is to gain a chicken and lose a cow.

The one who went to La Villa, lost his/her chair.

There?s no reason to go out on a limb.

Tree that grows crooked will never be straightened - bad habits learned early in life are hard to get rid of later.

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