Mexican Proverbs


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How beautiful to watch the rain and not get wet.

In this treacherous world there is neither truth nor lie; everything is like the color of the crystal through which you gaze.

Hunger brings people down, but pride can help them get up.

It is better to be a fool than obstinate.

God did not give wings to scorpions.

He who does not praise a thing is he who buys it.

He who never goes to your house doesn't want you in his.

God does not hear you if you do not speak.

He who does not venture has no luck.

He who punishes one chastises a hundred.

God helps the early riser.

He who doesn't speak will get no help from God.

He who really wants to die will not complain if he is buried standing up.

God helps those who get up early.

He who doesn't speak-up is never heard.

He who speaks too much is tiresome; he who speaks too little is boring.

God is bigger than your problems.

He who follows his own advice must take the consequences.

He who spits in the air will have it fall back on his face.

God speaks for the man who holds his peace.

He who gets drenched at dawn has the rest of the day to dry out.

He who strikes first, strikes twice.

Great deeds are reserved for great men.

He who gives what he can is no further obligated.

He who suffers many evils is comforted with just a little good.

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