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English Medical Doctor, Founder and President of Global Peace Centre, Editor and Founder of The New Paradigm Journal

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We need a new vision to unite. Can our religions make a quantum jump at this time, when our planet is at tipping point and severe mutilation of all living species, including human beings, could occur. What is needed is the awakening of a new consciousness and creativity to the challenges posed by the deep crisis that humanity now faces. We are at the summit of 6.5 billion years of evolution. The biosphere is a panoply of beauty and creativity with the mountains, sunscapes, moonscapes, wild forests and the enormous biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Wealthy countries know that there will not be enough food or water for all in the near future and are now buying up land in the developing world for agriculture.

What all this means is that, firstly, we have lost the ancient traditions and wisdom, which could have given a more inclusive expression of humanity, in relationship to all the conscious universe. Secondly, the ancient wisdom is still contained within the traditions of the indigenous people of the world and in ancient storehouses such as the pyramids of Egypt and the ancient temples in Tibet. These symbols represent the depth and wisdom inherent in the human heart. Totems and shamanistic symbols express our deep connection with the flora and fauna of nature such as animals, birds and trees. The Lotus, for example gives rise to both seeds and flowers simultaneously and represents the law of karma and the simultaneity of cause and effect. The lotus is also the symbol for the Buddha. The lotus grows out of the muddy pond just as enlightenment grows out of delusion and suffering. The aim of spiritual symbols is to enable us to reach to higher spiritual levels of experience and consciousness. In fact all the great religions have within them these esoteric or hidden messages. Thirdly, the current religions in the world as they stand, still live by the ethos and cultural proclivity in which they were proclaimed, two and a half thousand years ago, and have not yet risen to face the enormous changes of a more inclusive, interconnected global society, which we now live in.

What is needed is a new international humanitarian era based on the common ground of humanity ? looking to life and common humanism as the core value for a sustainable society. This means not just human life. It means the whole spectrum of life that creates the biosphere.

What is worrying is that biometrics is being increasingly deployed in all aspects of social and material life in the European Union. Some of this information is in a report from the European Union?s joint research centre. These kinds of bi Technologies of control including biometric systems and radio frequency identification chips will create a market which will use the media to gain market acceptance. These kinds of biometric markers are not expensive. There is a crimson project which is a virtual reality technology to enable security missions to rehearse responses to urban crises. There is also a concept of principle availability and inter-operability where all data held by one law enforcement agency in one state will be automatically available to all.

What we do have in common is life and consciousness - and we need to understand life, as being an interconnected synergic matrix of reciprocal maintenance and connectedness. We have finite bodies but infinite minds which have the power to realize a new world of hope, creativity and sustainability. The system tries to deny that we human beings have a Soul. It entraps us in world models of economic rationalism, is centred in materialism, Darwinism, The Selfish gene, The Biomedical model and the rational ordering of Society. It forgets about our consciousness, (transpersonal experience) our hearts and our beliefs. As an African Spiritual teacher has said. "A civilization without rites of passage has a sick Soul." In such a situation - 1) There are no elders or mentors (they are all out making money), 2) The youth are violent or without hope, 3) The adults are bewildered. This is exactly our current status quo!

What would happen if each one of us realized that our lives were about to terminate and the planet was about to end in the next hour? The realization, understanding and experience would be very different. We would be faced with the reality far different from what we had been accustomed to at that stage. Our minds would make a jump.

When there is one soldier for every 49 people in the world and one doctor for thousands of people we realize the basic inequality in our values and the misinformation which is given to us from school onwards to universities which are so divided in their disciplines that there is no integration or understanding of how wisdom in its very essence is inter linked and connected a whole just as our spirit, body and minds are units in a greater whole.

Willis Harman talks of the need for individual and organizational transformation leading to whole system transformation for the reassessment and rebuilding of society around a new paradigm.

Yet politicians generally do not think about the very long term, or even about the next generation. Perhaps the maximum time span they can think of is three years, which may be the tenure of their political term.

We must re-appraise the way we define ourselves and what it means to be a human being. We must re-examine and redefine concepts of good and evil and how we apply them to ourselves. We must stop valuing each other, and ourselves, by an unsteady hierarchical system, which instigates suspicion, defensiveness and secrecy. Instead, we must develop an outlook of partnership and mutualism, whereby the individual is encouraged to develop fully and then contribute their unique abilities to the planet as part of a synergistic whole.

There seems to be a great divide between the educated, professional and industrial elite and normal everyday people. An academic has to follow certain prescribed rules and regulations and remain focused on his/her particular discipline. This means that in universities there is no real integration between various disciplines and rarely do scientists and academics see the whole picture.

This is a very positive statement for our planet in crisis and for the suffering humanity is going through at the moment. The statement highlights the importance of the energetic and vibrational components of spirit and consciousness. The crisis that we are in can be thought of as a healing crisis on a human conscious level. The Buddha in the Lotus Sutra talks of the bereaved children, desperately calling for their deceased father and in their grief taking the medicine - the elixir of life perfect in order, taste and smell and then the compassionate father, the Buddha appears.

This statement was made in the 1970s. A psychoanalyst at the same time said that every illness is also the vehicle of plea for love and attention. Michael Balint who founded Balint Seminars to enable doctors to understand themselves and their patients more clearly, and who coined the term "the doctor as a therapeutic agent or drug" was concerned when and how the doctor should get the patient out of his fantasies.

This understanding of consciousness, comes from the thousands of experiments, which prove ESP. Remote viewing, psychokinesis synchronicity and the effects of mind on the environment. This is in addition to the ability of the mind to create coherence with heart and brain, in order to cure virtually any illness under the sun.

This war economy, the article says, is financed by Wall Street which stands as the accreditor of the US administration. The US weapons producers are the recipients of the US departments of defense multi-billion dollar procurement contracts for advanced weapons systems. In turn, the battle for oil in the middle east and central Asia directly serves the interests of the Anglo American oil giants.

Thomas Kuhn defined Paradigm Shift as what is considered peripheral moves to centre stage.

Thomas Kuhn introduced the idea that science functions under the control of a paradigm. For centuries science has been guided by a paradigm based on the intellectual achievements of Newton and Descartes, who saw the world mechanistically and reductively, with its division of inside and outside, subject and object. This has been overturned by the work of Einstein and his theory of relativity, the atomic physicists and others who have discovered laws that don?t fit the old paradigm. The new paradigm which is emerging takes into account the observer as well as the thing observed, and the fact that the two cannot be separated. There cannot be objective knowledge without a knowing subject: what we see must be relative to and influenced by where we are and who we are.

Thus we have evidence of the prophecies of George Orwell in his book 1984 where Big Brother plays an increasing role in maintaining vigilant observation, monitoring and control of the general population. This seems to be actual occurrence in Europe at the moment.

To be truly sustainable, a civilization must learn how to harness and assimilate the explosion of knowledge and wisdom being facilitated by the World Wide Web. It must learn how to reap the potential benefits arising from the fact that any individual now has the ability to access virtually the whole of global knowledge.

Two conditions must be satisfied before international economic exchanges can become beneficial for all: the sustainability of ecosystems on which the Global economy depends must be guaranteed, and the economic partners must be satisfied that the basis of exchange is equitable. For living standards to grow in order to alleviate poverty, trends towards depressed commodity prices, protectionism, intolerable debt burdens and declining flows of development finance must be reversed.

Ultimately, this earth can be saved for humankind only if people are prepared to live with nature rather than upon nature. We have been taught that this world and all plants and creatures thereon were created for man?s use; that he was given dominion over all other forms of life and that he must go forth and multiply. It is now clear that if he follows that belief, his extinction is inevitable. Therefore, his whole relationship with Earth, with nature, must change rapidly. But, relationships between individuals, or between man and his environment, are intellectual and of the spirit, rather than of material gain or loss. Consciousness of that relationship must be improved rapidly by all means within our power. Recognition of the one-ness of life on Earth, of its beauty and its sanctity, must be spread by an almost messianic revolution. The creation of awareness, of consciousness, of the need for change, needs a focus, a place from which it can radiate throughout the globe. ?

Until very recently, the connection between mind and body that was the cornerstone of Hippocratic medicine was ignored in all Western medical schools. It was in the 1930s that Cannon discovered the bodily fight-and-flight syndrome, a reaction to any perceived threat by a living organism. Subsequently, Canadian Hans Selye defined stress as the non-specific response of the body to any demand. In the 1970s researchers began to understand that flight-and-fight and stress responses were related to a variety of human disease states. More recently, with the work of George Solomon at Stanford University, Robert Aider at the University of Rochestor, and Candice Pert at John Hopkins, a new field has been mapped called psychoneuroimmunology, emphasising the interconnection between the mind, brain and immune system.

Vlakev Havel, former president of Czechoslovakia has said "without a global revolution of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of our being as humans and the catastrophe towards which this world is headed be it ecological, demographic, social or the general breakdown of civilization will be unavoidable".

We can see that culture affects quality of life, and that individual quality of life is enhanced by a person?s ability to be educated and brought up in a warm, caring environment.

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English Medical Doctor, Founder and President of Global Peace Centre, Editor and Founder of The New Paradigm Journal