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English Medical Doctor, Founder and President of Global Peace Centre, Editor and Founder of The New Paradigm Journal

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Two conditions must be satisfied before international economic exchanges can become beneficial for all: the sustainability of ecosystems on which the Global economy depends must be guaranteed, and the economic partners must be satisfied that the basis of exchange is equitable. For living standards to grow in order to alleviate poverty, trends towards depressed commodity prices, protectionism, intolerable debt burdens and declining flows of development finance must be reversed.

Ultimately, this earth can be saved for humankind only if people are prepared to live with nature rather than upon nature. We have been taught that this world and all plants and creatures thereon were created for man?s use; that he was given dominion over all other forms of life and that he must go forth and multiply. It is now clear that if he follows that belief, his extinction is inevitable. Therefore, his whole relationship with Earth, with nature, must change rapidly. But, relationships between individuals, or between man and his environment, are intellectual and of the spirit, rather than of material gain or loss. Consciousness of that relationship must be improved rapidly by all means within our power. Recognition of the one-ness of life on Earth, of its beauty and its sanctity, must be spread by an almost messianic revolution. The creation of awareness, of consciousness, of the need for change, needs a focus, a place from which it can radiate throughout the globe. ?

Until very recently, the connection between mind and body that was the cornerstone of Hippocratic medicine was ignored in all Western medical schools. It was in the 1930s that Cannon discovered the bodily fight-and-flight syndrome, a reaction to any perceived threat by a living organism. Subsequently, Canadian Hans Selye defined stress as the non-specific response of the body to any demand. In the 1970s researchers began to understand that flight-and-fight and stress responses were related to a variety of human disease states. More recently, with the work of George Solomon at Stanford University, Robert Aider at the University of Rochestor, and Candice Pert at John Hopkins, a new field has been mapped called psychoneuroimmunology, emphasising the interconnection between the mind, brain and immune system.

The major threats to Biodiversity are - Land clearance, Alien species, Genetically manipulated species, Indiscriminate harvesting of species, Pollution, Urbanization, and Climate change.

There are almost as many belief systems as there are human beings. When I speak to professionals about the solutions to world peace, social disintegration, environmental problems, they are despondent. The solution to them depends upon their specialty and this could be psychological, economic, theological, environmental, bio-genetic manipulation or humanistic. The question is, what is the common denominator? Ten percent of the population suffers from genetic bi- polar depression according to the psychiatrists and yet I believe if we create a dysfunctional environment, we get dysfunctional responses.

The new science of consciousness researched at the major universities of the world including Harvard, Stanford and UCLA shows scientifically that we are inextricably related with the total universe. It shows that the universe is a self-referential living biological process and brings together physics consciousness and healing in a way which links science and religion.

There are now 6 billion people on this planet, compared to 1.5 billion at the start of 1900. Three in every five people are hungry and very poor if current trends persist. The crisis between rich and poor causes increasing enmity. The increasing population leads to further degradation of the environment. Priority must be given to stabilizing and reducing the population, and therefore the demand on world resources, by the use of family planning and contraception.

The economic inequality on the planet is marked by a process of disengagement of human resources and physical capital. People?s lives globally are being destroyed by an economic manipulation of social inequality leading to global impoverishment of at least 50-60% of the population as well as the demise of middle and upper middle income groups.

The oceans have absorbed about half of the carbon dioxide emitted by humans in the last 200 years. Climate change is altering fish migration routes, pushing up sea levels, intensifying coastal erosion, raising ocean acidity, and interfering with currents that move vital nutrients upward from the deep sea.

The education system is still ensconced in Victorian and archaic ways of thinking. Many teachers would love to be able to spread their wings to nurture and teach their pupils creativity and meditation in a more holistic and nurturing way. This kind of education not only liberates the teacher giving them more freedom and less restriction to an outmoded curriculum, but of course also liberates the child to their learning potential.

The past thousand years has been a male dominated society with the assertiveness and aggressiveness of male energy being paramount. A lot of advances have been made (exploration of the physical world, and the development of technology in which everything is measurable and objective). It has been the age of the self and the ego.

The educational system is here for sustaining an economic and political order which is creating a wide spread human suffering and environmental degradation. It is compartmentalized and doesn?t educate for life or emotional intelligence.

The Quest for Enlightenment. However, these paradigmatic shifts in the consciousness in humanity as civilizations rise and fall, create whole new structures or archetypes and patterns in the depths and stratas of consciousness of the human psyche and on an individual basis we can attain changes in the structure of our own psyche through appreciating and experiencing this new patterning or transformation that is occurring now. We need to reach into the energetic nature of our consciousness and our beingness, and the soul or monadic essence of our consciousness which is part of eternity, - rather than deny death and simultaneously deny eternity.

The European multi-nationals are competing with the US competitors for research into the nature of security and it is an extremely profitable process with the introduction of myriad local and global surveillance systems. The introduction of bio metric identifiers, electronic tagging, satellite monitoring, less lethal weapons and para-military equipment for public order and crisis management identifies the agenda. In this sense technological advances in law enforcement are being introduced within Europe without any critical response from the public.

The question we need to ask is whether war is an innate propensity of humanity and whether we are programmed to be tribal and to fight each other no matter how enormous the population of the tribes are. Or is the global industrial military complex which has grown so rapidly in the past 100 years an expression of subtle distortion of the infrastructure of our lives by a process by which we have acquired so insidiously that we do not realize the effects that this kind of conditioning has on the total social environment.

The European Union is a global player having 25 states with 450 million people producing a quarter of the world?s GNP (Gross National Product).

The religions of the world, now have to deal with new scenarios which are global, and ecological and in which our very lives are threatened. Can our combined humanity reach a place and common ground, where our religions can come together to enhance human values and express a deep regard and love for all humanity and living species and an affirmation of and celebration for all of life. Can we indeed become responsible stewards of the planet, seeing ourselves as inextricably part of the great conscious cosmic network of life in which each one of us has a unique part to play in creating higher awareness, higher consciousness, creativity and love of life. We need a new vision to unite humanity. Indeed, this vision is happening in various fields around the planet. We only have to look at the earth charter, which is an expression of a new form of global governance, based on deep respect for the sacredness of life. This ties in well with the many citizens movements, which seek for a more equal representation of the voices of the people that they may be more clearly heard and represented. There is also the development of new disciplines and understandings of religion and ecology, science and religion, holistic medicine, holistic education, involving the environment and also ecological economics, especially the work of Hazel Henderson. A new religion or a new consciousness will need to encompass a Meta paradigm which brings together a more unified understanding of our place in the universe.

The fundamental issue is the very economic model underlying today?s globalization of technology, trades and markets. Critics from many diverse perspectives agree that, in the free trade model, the pricing of goods and services traded does not reflect the full costs of the social, environmental and cultural disruption caused. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the US Government and the World Trade Organization all refuse to recalculate prices and reconfigure economic indicators, such as GDP, to account for these costs, which contribute towards the deterioration of human well-being. In contrast, civil society groups throughout the world are committed to the idea of preserving human identity and enriching biological and cultural diversity.

The spiritual belief systems were enculturated. They were born of a need of small nation states, to find meaning in life and to maintain bonds within the community. The individual at that time in history was subservient to the collective whole, run by emperors, Caesar?s and Kings. In the East, the situation was no different, the priestly caste system worked in tandem with the aristocracy, creating a ruling theocracy. True spiritual independence for the individual person was unheard of, as a nation played power games with other nations, vying for land and territory. Life, death and survival, were key preoccupations in this patriarchal world and the collective archetypes were imbued with powerful symbols of survival, death and rebirth, capped by the God or Buddha Redeemer figure embodied in the priesthood. The ancient wisdom, which held the key to the true nature of the human being and human psyche was lost in two separate historical events.

The fundamental issue is the very economic model underlying today?s Globalization of technology, trades and markets. The critics from many diverse perspectives agree that free trade doesn?t account for social and environmental costs and cultural disruption in the price in traded goods and services will continue to cause more harm than good.

The vulnerability of the human being is found even at the earliest age. Tiffany Field and her colleagues at the University of Milan Research Institute showed that premature infants who were massaged several times a day for ten minutes demonstrated a 47% weight gain, and were able to leave the hospital six days earlier than other prems who received only the customary hospital care. This saved the hospital costs of $10,000 per baby per day.

The geo political situation in the world of 2010 is vastly different to the one 20 years ago. The Cold War 1947?1991) was the continuing state of political conflict, military tension, and economic competition existing after World War II (primarily between the Soviet Union and the powers of the Western world, particularly the United States At that time it was east versus west and Russia versus America. Now it seems that we have a global theatre which is called war against terrorism which appears to be a euphemism for the war for accessing scarce resources and claiming people?s hearts and minds through a process loosely called democracy.

The warming climate is undermining biodiversity by accelerating habitat loss, altering the timing of animal migrations and plant flowerings, and shifting some species toward the poles and to higher altitudes.

The global crisis is symptomatic of the inadequacies of our social values. Ethical and moral value systems have not evolved swiftly enough to keep up with technological inventiveness, thereby keeping rampant greed in check. We are living through a crisis of international relationships in which only a profound social epiphany, leading to a paradigmatic shift unlike any other in history, can save us from total self-destruction.

The way we think of things is determined by our belief systems and in our society we were brought up with the predominant belief system which is materialistic, positivistic and scientific. This means that we live in a world in which the objective reality can be defined by experimentation and where our subjective experience does not impinge on the reality defined by science outside us. Cartesian dualism defined originally by Descartes makes a distinction between the mind and the body. A thinker observes but is not involved directly, just as God has become Deus Ex Machina.

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English Medical Doctor, Founder and President of Global Peace Centre, Editor and Founder of The New Paradigm Journal