Mignon McLaughlin


American Author and Journalist, Copy Editor for Vogue magazine and Managing Editor of Glamour magazine

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Revenge leads to an empty fullness, like eating dirt.

The neurotic doesn't know how to cope with his emotional bills; some he keeps paying over and over, others he never pays at all.

The total history of almost anyone would shock almost everyone.

Throughout our lives, we see in the mirror the same innocent trusting face we have seen there since childhood.

If he suddenly falls in love with someone else, a husband may not start wanting a divorce; but if he suddenly makes a lot of money, he usually will.

In life, as in restaurants, we swallow a lot of indigestible stuff just because it comes with the dinner.

Loneliness, insomnia, and change: the fear of these is even worse than the reality.

Most of us can easily do two things at once; what?s all but impossible is to do one thing at once.

Nostalgia for what we have lost is more bearable than nostalgia for what we have never had, for the first involves knowledge and pleasure, the second only ignorance and pain.

Says the rude child: "No, I won't do it." Says the courteous grown-up: "Yes, I won't do it."

The neurotic feels as though trapped in a gas-filled room where at any moment someone, probably himself, will strike a match.

The way the neurotic sees it: bars on his door mean that he's locked in; bars on your door mean that he's locked out.

To smoke or not to smoke: I can make of either a life work.

If it came true, it wasn?t much of a dream.

In retrospect, our triumphs could as easily have happened to someone else; but our defeats are uniquely our own.

Love is often gentle, desire always a rage.

Most women would like to dress imaginatively, but they glare at any woman who does.

Of all second-class citizens, neurotics are the only ones who are so by choice.

Self-confidence grows on trees, in other people's orchards.

The neurotic has perfect vision in one eye, but he cannot remember which.

The woman just ahead of you at the supermarket checkout has all the delectable groceries you didn't even know they carried.

Too much money is as demoralizing as too little, and there's no such thing as exactly enough.

If the pain wanders, do not waste your time with doctors.

In the theatre, as in life, we prefer a villain with a sense of humor to a hero without one.

Love is the silent saying and saying of a single name

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American Author and Journalist, Copy Editor for Vogue magazine and Managing Editor of Glamour magazine