Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa

Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa
c. 1052
c. 1135

Tibetan Poet Saint and Yogi

Author Quotes

The essence of Universal Usefulness is Compassion.

There is a blessed and happy realm.

To probe deep into your roots the ignorance and confusion are you yourself. The preconceptions which are yourself are envoys and agents sent by yourself.

Unstable faith is like fog.

With feeble legs you waddle like a thieving goose; senile and clumsy is your body. Grandmother, your ugly face is wrapped in wrinkles. Grandmother, you are now a wretch, half woman and half bitch.

The fish queen is not afraid of drowning.

There?s no point of view or theory in reality itself.

To remain in solitude is a natural sign springing from the hearts - of non-attachment and the like.

Weed out all hypocrisies.

Without Dharma old men are like decaying trees.

The frantic runs in nature, yet from nature it is not apart.

They who, knowing not, pose as guides for others, do injury both to themselves and others.

To see divine beings, expiate all evil karma.

What gain is it to celebrate religious rites without attuning body, speech, and mind to the Doctrine?

Without Dharma, inferior men are like a peddler's asses: a big load does them little good.

The human form of a guru is merely his vehicle.

Think on my words and meditate with perseverance.

To strive for happiness hereafter is more important than to seek it now.

When dying, some still shout and groan.

Without Dharma, inferior women are just like vixens, deft and cunning, their deeds have little value.

The ignorant, blind both to evil and to virtue, they quickly waste their lives away.

Those 'great yogis' wrapped in stillness, have yet to purify their minds; Huge may be their claims and boasts.

To youthful maidens, love-songs sound sweet, but not prosaic sermons.

When old age descends on one, one's straight body becomes bent.

Without Dharma, young maidens are but decorated cows

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First Name
Milarepa, fully Jetsun Milarepa
Birth Date
c. 1052
Death Date
c. 1135

Tibetan Poet Saint and Yogi