Milorad Pavić


Serbian Novelist, Writer, Poet and Translator, Nobel Prize in Literature

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?Happiness and wisdom together do not go as well as the body and thought. Pain is the thought of the body. So happy people are always stupid.

Can be a long walk and wander, but the soul will remain in place.

I'm used to my thoughts as to their dresses. Waist they are always one and the same width, and I see them everywhere, even at intersections. And worst of all - because they have not seen and intersections.

Nothing mysterious, unfortunately, out of the world. The world is not full of secrets, the world is full of ears that runway. The whole story can fit in a shot whip.

?In my life as if there is a two time. At one time you become old, but instead of the body is something else. Karma? Can our body and our soul is the fuel? Fuel for what? Maybe time is the force that moves the body, and Eternity is the fuel of the soul?

Death is a sleep, only to name a namesake! this is unknown to us.

In our time the person is not so much loneliness, that he may, without prejudice to read books.

One of the surest ways to true future - is to go in that direction, which increases your fear

?Lucky love one of the descendants can recover the nine accidents love novels ancestors.

Do not see that to face to you is not your? Look at any fresco or picture and you will find him quickly. You are only temporary been deposited, to push him carrying me, as someone else's hat, so it will go no further. The same also counts for your voice and whistle. Reflect, besides, in my shadow, on the wall, which grew and grew fat with you. In her will once lie down for the last time and she'll outlive you.

Inside of the wind is the one that stays dry while the wind blows through the rain.

One of the surest ways to true future (and there are also false future) - is to go in that direction, which increases your fear.

?The difference between the two ?Yes? may be greater than between Yes and no.

Do you work because they do not know how to live.

It was something that could not put not fit into his clean image of the world. It was only a dream. How in such a simple life, in which you can run only between the two ears, every night something so inexplicably like dreams? Something that lasts even after death.

Poems ? as the time of the year. Come when stomped their days.

?The idea is a candle, which could spark another's candle, but for this you need to have a fire.

Each must request their way as earth worms.

Knowledge - perishable goods, that and look moldy. As well as the future.

Some women do not know how to farm, and in the House they always mess. Others don't understand their emotional life, and chaos reigns. All this must be arranged in time, otherwise it will be too late. Because the then ends any similarity between the House and the soul. [women/life/chaos/time]

?The soul is the moon. And it is not available, you will never see where you are.

Each of us promenades his thought, like a monkey on a leash. When you read, you always have to such monkeys: your own and one belonging to someone else. Or, even worse, a monkey and a hyena. Now,... continue reading..

Learn secret and himself become part of the mystery.

Someone who always thinks only about enemies, find them, but will kill friends.

?The soul is the skeleton, and the skeleton ? memories.

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Serbian Novelist, Writer, Poet and Translator, Nobel Prize in Literature