Naladiyar, or The Naladiyar

Naladiyar, or The Naladiyar
c. 5th Century
c. 6th Century

Tamil Classic Literature on Morality, Virtue, Wealth and Love

Author Quotes

Like bubbles that, when rain falls, oftentimes appears
And disappears, is this our frame. The steadfast wise
Resolve to rid themselves of this perplexity.
In the wide world, who can compare with these?

Those who have gained this well-knit frame should seize the gain
The body yields. For like a cloud upon the hills
That casts its shadow, nor abides, but thence departs,
The body leaves no trace behind.

The body’s transient state is as the dew-drop hangs
On grassy tufts. This very hour do virtuous deeds!
E’vn now he stood, he sat, he fell, while friends bewailed
He died; such is man’s history!

In the great sea to bathe they went, but cried, “We,ll wait
Till all its roar is still, then bathe.” Such is their worth
who say, “We’ll practice virtue and be wise when all
Our household toils and cares have end.”

The chief of men reflect on change, disease, old age
and death, and do their needful work. The endless round
of sevenfold science, lore of stars, who raving teach,
are maddest of the foolish throng.

Understand that these things are unstable which thou deemest stable. Therefore do quickly the duties in thy power to perform if thou wouldst do them at all, for the days of life are gone, and even now death is come.

The seed of the banyan tree, though exceedingly small, grows into a large tree and affords abundant shade; in like manner, however small may be the benefit of a virtuous act, it covers as it were the face of heaven.

Learning is the best of all wealth; it is easy to carry, thieves cannot steal it, and tyrants cannot seize it; neither fire nor water can destroy it; and far from decreasing, it increases by giving.

The essence of right conduct is not to injure anyone; one should know only this, that non-injury is religion.

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First Name
Naladiyar, or The Naladiyar
Birth Date
c. 5th Century
Death Date
c. 6th Century

Tamil Classic Literature on Morality, Virtue, Wealth and Love