Nancy Reagan, born Anne Frances Robbins

Reagan, born Anne Frances Robbins

American Actress, First Lady to President Ronald Reagan

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You just get up each day and put one foot in front of the other and go. You know, each day is different.

You know, the polls show that 70 percent of the people are for stem-cell research.

You learn something out of everything, and you come to realize more than ever that we're all here for a certain space of time, and, and then it's going to be over, and you better make this count.

The movies were custard compared to politics.

There is no job description for the first lady and she's only there because her husband got elected president.

There's a big, wonderful world out there for you. It belongs to you. It's exciting and stimulating and rewarding. Don't cheat yourselves out of this promise.

To my young friends out there: Life can be great, but not when you can't see it. So, open your eyes to life: to see it in the vivid colors that God gave us as a precious gift to His children, to enjoy life to the fullest, and to make it count. Say yes to your life.

When people say, 'You have Alzheimer's,' you have no idea what Alzheimer's is. You know it's not good. You know there's no light at the end of the tunnel. That's the only way you can go. But you really don't know anything about it. And you don't know what to expect.

With Alzheimer's patients, you have to be very careful what you say when you're looking at them over their bed. Because once in a while, they understand it.

For eight years, I was sleeping with the president, and if that doesn't give you special access, I don't know what does!

I must say acting was good training for the political life which lay ahead for us.

It's always written that my father was a rich, conservative John Bircher. That is untrue. He was not rich. He was not a John Bircher.

From the moment I walked into the White House, it was as if I had no privacy at all.

I rarely think about myself that much. I really don't.

I've always gone for the more understated look.

I am a big believer that eventually everything comes back to you. You get back what you give out.

I said from the very beginning, I don't want a big house, I don't want big grounds, I don't want the trouble with the maintenance and all of that.

I've had quite a life, when you stop and think about it.

I am a big believer that you have to nourish any relationship. I am still very much a part of my friends' lives and they are very much a part of my life. A First Lady who does not have this source of strength and comfort can lose perspective and become isolated.

I see the first lady as another means to keep a president from becoming isolated.

Just say no to drugs!

I believe that people would be alive today if there were a death penalty.

I think a woman gets more if she acts feminine.

My job is being 'Mrs. Ronald Reagan.'

I chose to have a career, and I enjoyed it while I had it.

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Reagan, born Anne Frances Robbins
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American Actress, First Lady to President Ronald Reagan