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Naomi Shihab

American Poet, Songwriter and Novelist

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Are people the only holy land?

Energy is everything. Rubbing happy and sad together creates energy.

I never did understand why the tree was still happy at the end. The little boy used her until she was nothing but a stump. She couldn't even run away. But the ending was always the same: And the tree was happy.

I'm like the weather, never really can predict when this rain cloud's gonna burst; when it's the high or it's the low, when you might need a light jacket. Sometimes I'm the slush that sticks to the bottom of your work pants, but I can easily be the melting snowflakes clinging to your long lashes. I know that some people like: sunny and seventy-five, sunny and seventy-five, sunny and seventy-five, but you take me as I am and never forget to pack an umbrella.

Maybe when your mother died young, you became instantly old.

Poetry, the most intimate form of expression, gives us a deeper sense of reality than headlines and news stories ever could.

The thousands small birds of January in their smooth soaring cloud finding the trees.

What would it be like to be a turtle inside a shell hit by hailstones?

As a boy stands back from his earlier self-mocking it and the light of fireflies blinking against an old fence has become as sad as it is lovely because so many hands are gone by now it is not that we wanted the light to be caught but reached for that was it.

Every day is a poetry day.

I say yes when I mean no and the wrinkle grows.

I'm not interested in who suffered the most. I'm interested in people getting over it.

Most days weren't clear when you were in them.

Read, Read, and then Read some more. Always Read. Find the voices that speak most to YOU. This is your pleasure and blessing, as well as responsibility!

The writing of Kathleen McGookey shines more brightly than most fine things we feel pleasure to read. Celebrate it!

When allowed to return to the class, your feelings of humility and lonesomeness will render you a much finer student and person.

As a direct line to human feeling, empathic experience, genuine language and detail, poetry is everything that headline news is not. It takes us inside situations, helps us imagine life from more than one perspective, honors imagery and metaphor ? those great tools of thought ? and deepens our confidence in a meaningful world.

Facts interest me less than the trailing smoke of stories.

I Still Have Everything You Gave Me It is dusty on the edges. It is slightly rotten. I guard it without thinking. I focus on it once a year when I shake it out in the wind. I do not ache. I would not trade.

I'm writing mostly to thank you for living you eighty years and to tell you I love you and think of you often.

My father was very disappointed by war and fighting. And he thought language could help us out of cycles of revenge and animosity. And so, as a journalist, he always found himself asking lots of questions and trying to gather information. He was always very clear to underscore the fact that Jewish people and Arab people were brother and sister.

Refreshed, sparked by the electricity that accompanies days marked by nothing but what we see.

There are people we have never seen who are busy thinking up things we should be worried about.

When they invite you to the party remember what parties are like before answering.

Because Ali did not want to see the deep pools of his kind teacher's eyes and fall into them. He didn't know how to swim.

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American Poet, Songwriter and Novelist