d. 965

Persian Mystic Sufi Teacher and Writer

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One thing is, and one thing will be, and one thing will not be. The first is my loving thee, the second thy seeing Me, and the third thy ever knowing Me with complete gnosis.

Appoint a day for Me and a day for thyself. Begin with my day, and my day shall transport thy day.

If thou dost not prefer Me above every known and unknown thing, how canst thou relate thyself to my servanthood?
How canst thou say, “God is enough for me,” when thou restest not in the ignorance of the unknown, even as thou restest in the knowledge of the known?
Thy seeking of Me, that I should teach thee what thou knowest not, is like thy seeking that I should make thee ignorant of what thou knowest: wherefore, do not seek of Me, and I shall assuredly satisfy thee.

I am better with regard to what occurs to thee than thy thought, and I am stronger against that which troubles thee than thy repelling.
From Me to things: otherwise, they will take thee. From Me to Me, not from things to Me: otherwise, they will accompany thee.
If things accompany thee, they will waylay thee.
I anticipated thee by making Myself known to thee as a bounty, things not being between Me and thee: then I manifested things to thee as a trial.
Stand therefore in the station of my bounty towards thee, and I will stand with thee in the station of my trying thee.
Be with Me, not with thing. If anything reminds thee of Me, or concentrates thee upon Me, it only reminds thee of Me in order that thou mayest forget it, not Me, and that thou mayest be with Me, not with it; and it only concentrates thee upon Me in order that thou mayest be separated from it, not from me.

The sign of My forgiveness in the affliction is, that I make it a means to a knowledge.

Close that gate of thy heart by which others enters, for thy heart is My temple. Stand watchful over the closing, and remain in it, until thou meetest.

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d. 965

Persian Mystic Sufi Teacher and Writer