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You cannot compare the living with the dead.

Whether it was the tenant who seduced the landlord?s wife, or the landlord who seduced the tenant?s wife, it is the tenant who would leave the house.

You cannot divorce a woman and still be admiring her waistline.

The sky is wide enough for the birds to fly without collision.

The whip hits at the legs, not the guilt.

Too much description turns a tiger to a mere deer.

We do not use our bare feet to search for hidden thorns which we have seen in day time.

When a dog catches a prey, it is because it wants to eat it.

When a soup is unpalatable, and the paste of the pounded yam that goes with it is not smooth, that is the time to know a man who loves to eat pounded yam.

When the chameleon brings forth a child, is not that child expected to dance?

When the music changes, so does the dance.

The snail may try, but it cannot cast off its shell.

The woman is cold water that kills you; deep water that you drown in.

Twenty children cannot play together for twenty years.

We have left our pots unwatched, and our food now burns.

When a drunk meets a mad man, he learns the difference between being merely drunk and truly mad.

When a tree falls on a yam farm and kills the farm?s owner, you don?t waste time counting the numbers of yam heaps ruined.

When the elderly ones in a house travel, the younger ones quickly grow in experience.

When the music stops, a deaf person continues to dance.

The spider that knows what it will gain sits waiting patiently in its web. The praying mantis is never tired waiting all day.

The world is like a goat?s udder. It does not give any milk, unless you punch and squeeze at it.

Two men quarreling do not share the same seat on a canoe.

We live by hope, but a reed never becomes an Iroko tree by dreaming.

When a drunken man meets a mad man, he learns the difference between being merely drunk and being truly mad.

When a very short man causes the market to break up in a big fight, bystanders ask him to stand up so that they can see how short he really is.

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