Nigerian Proverbs


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Whatever the type of firewood found in a place, it is usually good enough for the people of that place to cook with.

When a ripe fruit sees an honest man, it drops.

When rain falls on the leopard, does it wash off its spots?

When the moon is shining, the cripple becomes hungry for a walk.

The sky is falling is not the problem of one person.

The well gives, but the bucket refuses.

To lie down resigned to fate is madness.

We cannot choose who our relatives should be, even though we may come to like some better than others.

When a cripple is told that the load on his head is bent, he pointed to his legs.

When a sickle is drawn, it in turn draws the tree to which it is hooked.

When the brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits their father?s estate.

When the mother goat breaks into the yam store her kid watches her.

The sky is wide enough for the birds to fly without collision.

The whip hits at the legs, not the guilt.

Too much description turns a tiger to a mere deer.

We do not use our bare feet to search for hidden thorns which we have seen in day time.

When a dog catches a prey, it is because it wants to eat it.

When a soup is unpalatable, and the paste of the pounded yam that goes with it is not smooth, that is the time to know a man who loves to eat pounded yam.

When the chameleon brings forth a child, is not that child expected to dance?

When the music changes, so does the dance.

The snail may try, but it cannot cast off its shell.

The woman is cold water that kills you; deep water that you drown in.

Twenty children cannot play together for twenty years.

We have left our pots unwatched, and our food now burns.

When a drunk meets a mad man, he learns the difference between being merely drunk and truly mad.

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