Nigerian Proverbs


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The toad likes water but not when the water is boiling.

Though the bat may hang its head downwards, it is fully aware of the way the birds fly.

Up, up, struggle; the world is struggle.

What is sensible today may be derangement at another time.

When a palm-branch reaches its height, it gives way for a fresh one to grow.

When mother cow is cropping grass, her young one watches her mouth.

When the laborer is praised, his cutlass begins to cut more keenly.

When you are eating with the devil, you must use a long spoon.

The same rain that drenches the slave also drenches the slave driver.

The tortoise is not tall but it is taller than the snail; the snail is taller than the frog; the frog is taller than the lizard; the lizard is taller than the fly; the fly is taller than the ant; the ant in turn is taller than the ground on which it walks.

Time destroys all things.

Venom of viper does nothing to the back of a tortoise.

What the child says, he has heard at home.

When a person is not as she used to be, she does not behave as she used to behave.

When one buys clothe for the lazy man, one should also dye it.

When the leopard has a broken paw, the antelope comes to collect an old debt.

When you are sick you promise a goat, but when you are well again make do with a chicken.

Proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten.

Sometimes the rain might force a man more than once to seek shelter under the same tree.

The body of joy is not so big.

The day you are leaving is not the time to start your preparations.

The eye of a crow boiled at the new moon brings good luck for the New Year.

The heap of yams you will reap depends upon the number of mounds you have plowed.

The lizard that enters into a scorpion?s hole will come back with its rear.

The only insurance against fire is to have two houses.

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