Nigerian Proverbs


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Ours is ours, but mine is mine.

Since he has no eyes, he says that eyes smell bad.

The apparel of the person who promises clothing me will testify.

The crocodile does not die under the water so that we can call the monkey to celebrate its funeral.

The earth moves at different speeds depending on who you are.

The frog does not jump in the daytime without reason.

The leech that does not let go even when it is filled, dies on the dry land.

The mind is like a bag; everyone has one.

Overabundance is not far from want.

Sinews and big muscles do not make a farmer.

The bath water that threatens to drown a person, let wait and watch.

The crocodile drinks from the same river as the centipede.

The elders of a community are the voice of God.

The glow-works light the nights, but more so the night that their mother prepares porridge.

The left washing the right and vice-visa makes the palms clean.

The monkey and gorilla may claim oneness but the monkey is Monkey and the gorilla, Gorilla.

Patient people are patient to gain longevity.

Sleep and indolence are not cousins of a good harvest.

The best way to eat hot soup is little by little.

The crouching of a tiger is not out of cowardice, it is only looking for what to eat.

The elders say he who drums for a sick man is himself a sick man.

The gods may still send a gentle breeze when they want to bless us.

The lion basks in the rays of the giraffes sun.

The moon moves slowly but by daybreak it crosses the sky.

People in trouble remember Allah.

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