Nisargadatta Maharaj, fully Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli

Maharaj, fully Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli

Indian Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher of Advaita Vedanta

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When we are absorbed in other things, in the not-self, we forget the self.

When you get established in the Beingness there no thoughts or words – You are everything and everything is You. Later even that ceases to exist. Krishna made Arjuna realize that the whole world is Krishna. He realized that the knowledge ‘I am’, which means the manifestation of the entire universe, spontaneously appeared on him.

Wherever it leads you, it will be a dream. The very idea of going beyond the dream is illusory. Why go anywhere? Just realize that you are dreaming a dream you call the world, and stop looking for ways out. The dream is not your problem. Your problem is that you like one part of the dream and not another. When you have seen the dream as a dream, you have done all that needs be done.

With firm conviction, you abide in this knowledge ‘I am’ only; bereft of body-mind sense, only ‘I am’. If you dwell therein, if you be that only, in due course it will get mature. And it will reveal to you all the knowledge. And you need not go to anybody else.

You are a man because you identify with the body. If you do not identify with the body, what sex are you? After leaving the body, the vital breath and the ‘I am’ merge into the substratum. Then where is man or woman?

You are so used to support of concepts that when your concepts leave you, although it is your true state, you get frightened and try to cling to them again. This is the meeting point of that immanent principle and the Eternal, the borderland. Why is the intellect puzzled here? That beingness which you are experiencing is melting away. When the concept of ‘I am’ goes, intellect also goes. So the intellect gets that frightening experience of ‘I am going’.

You come to it by putting an end to indolence and using all your energy to clear the way for clarity and charity. Don't be afraid, don't resist, don't delay. There is nothing to be afraid of. Trust and try. Experiment honestly.

You must be serious, intent, truly interested. You must be full of goodwill for yourself.

You seem to want instant insight, forgetting that the instant is always preceded by a long preparation. The fruit falls suddenly, but the ripening takes time.

We grow through investigation, and to investigate we need experience. We tend to repeat what we have not understood. If we are sensitive and intelligent, we need not suffer. Pain is a call for attention and the penalty of carelessness. Intelligent and compassionate action is the only remedy.

What is in the world cannot save the world; if you really care to help the world, you must step out of it.

What you need will come to you, if you do not ask for what you do not need. Yet only few people reach this state of complete dispassion and detachment. It is a very high state, the very threshold of liberation.

Whatever you do against your better knowledge is sin.

When ignorance, the mother of sin, dissolves, destiny, the compulsion to sin again, ceases.

When you are concerned with truth, with reality, you must question everything, your very life. By asserting the necessity of sensory and intellectual experience you narrow down your inquiry to search for comfort.

When you got yourself separated from the Absolute with this identity ‘I am’, you felt fragmented, isolated, and that is why your demands started. In the Absolute there are no needs, only the Absolute prevails. The truth is total Brahman only, nothing else but Brahman. In a total Brahman state arose the touch of beingness, ‘I am’, and with that, separation started, otherness has come. But this ‘I amness’ is not just a small principle, that itself is the ‘moolmaya’, the primary illusion.

While I am talking about it (‘I am’) I take you to the source of the spring. There, water is coming out in a trickle now. This trickle subsequently becomes a river, an estuary, and finally the sea, I take you to the source again and again. Once you arrive at the source, you come to know that actually there is no water, the water is purely the taste, the news that ‘I am’.

With greatest interest you get absorbed in your Self. By giving attention only to your ‘I’ consciousness you can reach it. Without giving attention to the body but to the sense ‘I am’.

You are afraid because you have assumed something as ‘I am’, which actually you are not. Suppose you find a diamond ring on the road and you pocket it. Since it is not yours, a fear overcomes you. When you put on an identity that is not yours, you are afraid, but when you are the pure ‘I amness’ only, there is no fear. Presently you are this ‘I am’, but this ‘I am’ is not the truth. Whatever you are prior to the appearance of the ‘I am’, that is your real nature.

You are the god of your world and you are both stupid and cruel. Let God be a concept - your own creation. Find out who you are, how did you come to live, longing for truth, goodness and beauty in a world full of evil. Of what use is your arguing for or against God, when you just do not know who is God and what you are talking about. The God born of fear and hope, shaped by desire and imagination, cannot be the Power That is, the Mind and Heart of the universe.

You did not have the concept ‘I am’ in the course of the nine months in the womb. Understanding this state of affairs, the concept ‘I am’ comes spontaneously and goes spontaneously. Amazingly, when it appears, it is accepted as real. All subsequent misconceptions arise from the feeling of reality in the ‘I amness’. Try to stabilize in the primary concept ‘I am’, in order to lose that and with it all other concepts. Why am I totally free? Because I have understood the unreality of that ‘I am’.

You must become initiated into the understanding of what I am expounding to you. I am telling about the seed of ‘Brahman’. You have to understand that I am planting the ‘Brahma’ seed in you. That ‘Brahma’ seed is your ‘I amness’ (Beingness), which sprouts into manifestation. That ‘Brahman’ (‘I am’) state does not require anything to eat, it has no hunger, because ‘Brahman’ alone embraces everything and all manifestation is ‘Brahman’. I am trying to raise you to that state. Do not think that you can become a realized soul only by listening to a few talks. You have to forget everything and merge with ‘Brahman’.

You should consider more closely your own world, examine it critically and, suddenly, one day you will find yourself in mine.

We know the outer world of sensations and actions, but of our inner world of thoughts and feelings we know very little. The primary purpose of meditation is to become conscious of, and familiar with, our inner life. The ultimate purpose is to reach the source of life and consciousness. Incidentally, practice of meditation affects deeply our character. We are slaves to what we do not know; of what we know we are masters. Whatever vice or weakness in ourselves we discover and understand its causes and its workings, we overcome it by the very knowing; the unconscious dissolves when brought into the conscious. The dissolution of the unconscious releases energy; the mind feels adequate and becomes quiet.

What is Ishwara? My Guru told me that the one who is listening is Ishwara itself. The ‘I am’ is Ishwara, there are various names given to that ‘I am’ but that ‘I am’ is not your body. Your knowledge ‘I am’ contains the whole universe, presently it is difficult for you to believe, so for the moment worship it. Beingness contains everything, worship that and all your requirements will be met. Ultimately the knowledge is yours.

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Maharaj, fully Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, born Maruti Shivrampant Kambli
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Indian Philosopher and Spiritual Teacher of Advaita Vedanta