Norwegian Proverbs


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Old habit is hard to turn.

Sometimes the child just has crying to resort to (and it is horrible).

The best remedy against getting drunk is keeping sober.

The farmer cannot invite all.

The straightest road is shortest, but not always easiest.

This week passed on quickly, the day after tomorrow is already Wednesday, the man said.

To get something in a bag and a sack. To get something both ways.

Too sensitive gets nowhere.

Old love does not rust.

Speaking is silver, silence is gold, i.e. speaking out is well, keep in your silence is better.

The big fish eat the small ones ? they are disadvantaged, those who are little.

The farmer himself the best, and his wife the next.

The table catches.

Those who want to sing will always find a song.

To have it good as the plum in the egg. [To be completely satisfied]

Too shy gets nowhere ahead.

One swallow (bird) is not enough to prove it is summer.

Spring brings health, heralding summer's wealth.

The billy-goat knows he has horns.

The farmer is no goose because he is grey.

The taller the house, the heavier the storm.

Those who yawn at the same time, are not on bad terms.

To piss in your trouser to keep warm. To do something that may help in the short run, but which is disastrous in the long run.

Translation: It is easiest to learn from another mans damage.

One swallow creates no summer.

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