Norwegian Proverbs


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Not everyone can have the bishop for his uncle.

Seriousness and fun often go together.

The baker and the smith belong to the devil.

The eye wants to be where it is dear, and the hand where it hurts.

The older the flute, the sweeter the tune.

There is nothing new under the sun.

To boil away in the cabbage. [To disappear into platitudes, not get anything of significance]

Too audacious is often given a beating.

Not everyone can meet one's better.

Shared joy is double joy.

The best cure meets the disease before it enters the home.

The fair wind blows even if the sailor does not see it.

The pardon may be more severe than the penalty.

There is nothing so bad that it cannot be worse.

To buy the cat in the bag.

Too clean has no taste.

Not everything that sparkles is gold

Similar children, play best together.

The best friends are fewest.

The fair wind blows just as well whether the sailor sleeps or is awake.

The patch always has to be larger than the hole.

There never was so bad a crow that it did not want a mate.

To cross the stream to get water. To do unnecessary work.

Too much makes the sack burst.

old bucks got the stiffest horns.

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