Norwegian Proverbs


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All the fat floats together.

Better a whole ship than a broken one.

Better safe than sorry.

Boatless man is tied to the land.

Don't cross the stream to find water.

Everyone wants to be a gentleman; nobody wants to carry the sack.

Everything serves the thief.

He who digs a grave for others, falls often in it himself.

In the dark, all cats are gray

Learn to walk before you can run.

Nobody can serve two masters.

A small, but excellent party, the man said, he was drinking alone.

All weather is passing.

Better an empty purse than wrongly got money.

Better ten hairs on the head than one in the soup.

Bookless man is (quite) blind.

Don't eat the yellow snow.

Everyone wants to be great; nobody wants to carry the sack.

Everything will lie where it is lowest.

He who does no evil does a lot of good.

In the game no one is brother to others.

Leave a jest when it pleases you best.

None sigh deeper than those who have no troubles.

A tied up man is sorrowful.

An empty head gets the easiest sleep.

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