Omar Khayyám


Persian Poet, Mathematician, Polymath and Astronomer who also wrote treatises on Mechanics, Geography, Mineralogy, Music, Climatology and Theology

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It?s too bad if a heart lacks fire, and is deprived of the light of a heart ablaze. The day on which you are without passionate love is the most wasted day of your life.

Oh thou, who didst with pitfall and with gin Beset the road I was to wander in, Thou wilt not with predestin'd evil round Enmesh, and then impute my fall to sin.

Realize this: one day your soul will depart from your body and you will be drawn behind the curtain that floats between us and the unknown. While you wait for that moment, be happy, because you don't know where you came from and you don't know where you will be going.

The creator of stars, heaven and earth surpassed himself when he also created pain. Lips like rubies, delicious-smelling hair, blooming flowers, how many of you are already buried in earthy soil?

Then said a Second ? Ne'er a peevish Boy would break the Bowl from which he drank in joy, and He that with his hand the Vessel made will surely not in after Wrath destroy.

T'is but a Tent where takes his one day's rest a Sultan to the realm of Death addrest. A Sultan rises, and the dark Ferrash strikes, and prepares it for another Guest.

I wish that you would rather sleep or it goes away you will reach one hundred thousand years following the wish of the soil as the grass, hoping to inspire you.

Know yourself as a snowdrift on the sand Heaped for two days, or three, then thawed and gone.

Oh Thou, who Man of baser Earth didst make, And ev'n with Paradise devise the snake; For all the Sin wherewith the Face of Man Is blackened ? Man's forgiveness give and take!

Rest a little, do not flee the burdens, worries are growing, darker live... Praise the creator that we have enough troubles: anything not have to ask.

The fruit of the wise men of the mind can erase miles feeling envy or gold melt copper? Stupid - like a dog, sage - like the sea. profane this sea dog is failing!

Then said another -- Surely not in vain my Substance from the common Earth was ta'en, that He who subtly wrought me into Shape should stamp me back to common Earth again.

To all of us the thought of heaven is dear --- Why not be sure of it and make it here? No doubt there is a heaven yonder too, but 'tis so far away --- and you are near.

I wonder what the vintners buy one half so precious as the stuff they sell.

Lament not Fortune?s mutability, And seize her fickle favours ere they flee; If others never mourned departed bliss, How should a turn of Fortune come to thee?

Oh threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise! One thing at least is certain - This Life flies; one thing is certain and the rest is Lies - the Flower that once has blown forever dies.

Said one among them ? Surely not in vain my substance of the common Earth was ta'en and to this Figure molded, to be broke, or trampled back to shapeless Earth again.

The Grape that can with Logic absolute the Two-and-Seventy jarring Sects confute: the sovereign Alchemist that in a trice Life's leaden metal into Gold transmute.

Then to the lip of this poor earthen Urn I lean'd, the Secret of my Life to learn: and Lip to Lip it murmur'd ? While you live Drink! ? for, once dead, you never shall return.

To friends and eke to foes true kindness show; No kindly heart unkindly deeds will do; Harshness will alienate a bosom friend. And kindness reconcile a deadly foe.

If I don't enjoy myself now, when shall I?

Let me be a hundred years burn in the fire, is not afraid of hell, dreamed in a dream. Terrible chorus I ignorant base, conversation with them worse than death to me!

Oh, the brave music of a distant drum!

Scholars really have nothing to teach you. But from the soft touch of the eyelashes of a woman you will know all there is to know about happiness. Buy wine, take it to a secluded place and let it comfort you.

The happiest little curiosity creation of abandon and is pleased with the little people.

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Persian Poet, Mathematician, Polymath and Astronomer who also wrote treatises on Mechanics, Geography, Mineralogy, Music, Climatology and Theology