Ovid, formally Publius Ovidius Naso

Ovid, formally Publius Ovidius Naso
43 B.C.
17 A.D.

Roman Poet, Man of Letters

Author Quotes

Why should I go into details, we have nothing that is not perishable except what our hearts and our intellects endows us with.

You will go most safely in the middle.

The mind grows sicker than the body in contemplation of its suffering.

The sick mind cannot bear anything harsh.

Then the Omnipotent Father with his thunder made Olympus tremble, and from Ossa hurled Pelion.

There is no useful thing which may not be turned to an injurious purpose.

Thus does the white swan, as he lies on the wet grass, when the Fates summon him, sing at the fords of Maeander.

Tis not always in a physician's power to cure the sick; at times the disease is stronger than trained art.

Use the occasion, for it passes swiftly.

We strive after the forbidden.

The mind is sicker than the sick body; in contemplation of its sufferings it becomes hopeless.

The silent countenance often speaks.

There are a thousand forms of evil; there will be a thousand remedies.

There is nothing in the world that remains unchanged. All things are in perpetual flux, and every shadow is seen to move.

Thus I am not able to exist either with you or without you; and I seem not to know my own wishes.

Tis you, alone, can save, or give my doom.

Venus favors the bold.

We take no pleasure in permitted joys. But what's forbidden is more keenly sought.

The mind, conscious of rectitude, laughed to scorn the falsehood of report.

The spirited horse, which will of itself strive to beat in the race, will run still more swiftly if encouraged.

There are persons always standing ready to believe a scandal.

There is something in omens.

Thus, I can neither live without you nor with you.

To arts unknown he bends his wits, and alters nature.

Venus is kind to creatures as young as we; we know not what we do, and while we?re young we have the right to live and love like gods.

Author Picture
First Name
Ovid, formally Publius Ovidius Naso
Birth Date
43 B.C.
Death Date
17 A.D.

Roman Poet, Man of Letters