Pandurang Shastri Athavale, fully Pandurang Vaijnath Shastri Athavale

Pandurang Shastri
Athavale, fully Pandurang Vaijnath Shastri Athavale

Indian Philosopher, Spiritual Leader, Social Reformer and Hinduism Reformist

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A sound philosophy must be internally coherent and harmonious and must be translatable into practice. It should not remain a mere Utopian concept, although the idea of a Utopia should always remain in the back of our minds. An integral philosophy is one which satisfies the total personality

A unification of orator and listener during Swadhyay is essential. No one is superior or inferior at this time. Both of them has same thought process and goal to have integrated progress in life. Both of them seek to have contentment of achieving integral development of life.

Culture includes - way of thinking, way of life and way of worship.

It is my experience that awareness of nearness of God and reverence for that power creates reverence for self, reverence for the other, reverence for nature and reverence for the entire creation, and devotion as an expression of gratitude to God can turn into a social force to bring about transformative changes in all aspects of human life and at all levels of society.

Universal brotherhood under the fatherhood of God.

We should be open to accept Mohammad Saab and Jesus Christ as our 11th and 12th Avatars, who gave moral order to millions of people in the world.

To achieve progress and development it is necessary to bring about co-ordination between liberty and security through Devotion.

To be human is to be grateful.

The strength of Truth lies in Love and the strength of Love lies in Truth.

Those who see the invisible can do the impossible.

The greatest attitude of all is gratitude.

The most Superior amongst the colors in the universe is the color of Devotion.

Progress of mankind is progress of mind and intellect.

Reverence for all creations.

That which takes us nearer to the Almighty (Sat) is truth. Truth needs no external support to sustain or promote itself.

Only he who gratefully remembers the love and benevolence bestowed upon him is a real human being.

Neither the military might nor the economic and technological development makes a nation great. It is made great by its citizens with Self Respect and Integrity ingrained in their lives.

Only he who accepts clashes and conflicts in life, loves life.

Keep Gita in your head and heart and be proud of yourself.

Knowledge, Action and Devotion are complementary to each other.

God does not work for you. He works with you.

It is essential that in a society, divine thoughts and power should co-exist. Simple Faith, not backed by material forces, is weak and Strength without touch of Divinity is monstrous.

Expression of Gratitude to the Lord Almighty at these occassions daily; For gift of Memory at dawn, For the gift of Energy at meal times, and for the gift of Peace at night is called Trikal Sandhya.

Fearlessness is a result of faith in oneself and faith in God.

Devotion is the realization that wealth, education and power are God given gifts and not the endowments of fate.

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Pandurang Shastri
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Athavale, fully Pandurang Vaijnath Shastri Athavale
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Indian Philosopher, Spiritual Leader, Social Reformer and Hinduism Reformist