Patti Smith, fully Patricia Lee "Patti" Smith

Smith, fully Patricia Lee "Patti" Smith

American Writer, Poet, Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter and Visual Artist

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In the period where I had to live the life of a citizen - a life where, like everybody else, I did tons of laundry and cleaned toilet bowls, changed hundreds of diapers and nursed children - I learned a lot.

I've written a lot of prose. I just haven't published it.

My mother answers all my fan mail.

Ornette Coleman is a real musician. He takes all of the things he's thinking about in the world - which is a whole universe upon universe - and translates this into music.

Robert was increasingly despondent with his paid work. When he came home he was exhausted and dispirited and for a time stopped creating. I implored him to quit. His job and scant paycheck were not worth the sacrifice? I had no regrets taking on the job as the breadwinner. My temperament was sturdier. I could still create at night and I was proud to provide a situation allowing him to do his work without compromise.

The goodwill that surrounded us was proof that the Fates were conspiring to help their enthusiastic children.

I have great respect for my parents. I got such beautiful things from both of them. It doesn't mean that we didn't have our rough times, but they were remarkable people who were open-minded, creative and hard-working, and had great senses of humor.

I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist.

I want to make 40. I want to see it.

If I'm taking a picture of Brancusi's grave, I know that there's something of him, of his mortal remains, beneath my feet, and there's something beautiful about that.

It came, I felt, too easy. Nothing had come to Robert so easily. Or for the poets I embraced. I decided to back off. I turned down the record contract? I thought of something I had learnt from hearing Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas by Mari Sandoz. Crazy Horse believes that he will be victorious in battle, but if he stops to take spoils from the battle field, he will be defeated? I tried to apply this lesson to the things at hand, careful not to take spoils that were not rightfully mine.

Later he would say that the Church led him to God, and LSD led him to universe. He also said that art led him to the devil, and sex kept him with the devil.

My mother had no end of tragedy in her life. She would make herself get up and take a deep breath and go out and do laundry. Hang up sheets.

Paths that cross will cross again.

Robert would often use [the word magic] to describe us, about a successful poem or drawing, and ultimately in choosing a photograph on a contact sheet. ?That?s the one with the magic,? he would say. Robert ?approached dressing like living art.? Robert infused objects, whether for art or life, with his creative impulse? He transformed a ring of keys, a kitchen knife, or a simple wooden frame into art. He loved his work and he loved his things? ?He was the artist of my life,? Patti says.

The hand above turns those leaves of loves, all in all a timeless view. Each dream of life flung from paradise everlasting, ever new. - Patti Smith, Dream Of Life

I have loved books all my life. There is nothing more beautiful in our material world than the book.

I never thought I was gonna live to 30.

I wanted to go to Portland because it's a really good book town.

If I've learned one thing in life, it's not to be so judgmental of other people.

It seemed as if the whole of the world was slowly being stripped of innocence. Or maybe I was seeing a little too clearly.

Laughter. An important material in order to survive. And we were laughing often.

My mother taught me to pray, taught by her own mother was a dude like this: Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray my soul to Jesus for protection. At night, I knelt beside my bed, small repeating his words, he has not dropped the cigarette from his mouth and waits for standing by my side, she would listen to me. My only wish was to pray, but the words would confuse me and my mother did not question the amount of rain. What is the soul? What is color? My soul for being so naughty I was afraid you would not come back asleep after sneaking away. I fall asleep I'd do my best to avoid; my soul in me, so I could have kept where it belongs.

People called me the godmother of punk, but I never name myself anything.

Rock Hard.

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Smith, fully Patricia Lee "Patti" Smith
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American Writer, Poet, Recording Artist, Singer-Songwriter and Visual Artist