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The horse is Turkmen, it eats from both the nose-bag and the manger.

The ostrich was asked to carry a load, it said. I'm a bird. It was asked to fly, it said, I'm a camel.

The solution is under our nose, yet we're searching far and wide for it.

There is much hope in hopelessness; for at the end of the dark night, there is light.

This prankster doesn?t stop short of any tricks.

Upon arriving in paradise the wealthy man finds only a pot of oil to which he will be boiled until the flabby flesh falls from his stingy bones.

We sifted our flour and hung up our sifter.

The issue is muddled at the core.

The person is so destitute that his fortune will not change with a penny given or taken.

The strictness of the teacher is better to bear than the prejudice of the father.

There is no need for fish in an empty pond.

This problem is not going to be solved.

Usually said to the mother of a difficult child.

We?re responsible for our own misfortune.

The joy of finding something is often worth more than what is found.

The person who tells the truth is always at ease.

The tears of the roasting meat kindle the fire even more.

There is water in the jug, and we're going around thirsty.

This time the situation is completely different.

Walls have ears.

We're alive for the lack of shroud.

The lack of gold only a headache.

The person who wants a rose must respect the thorn.

The tongue of men is the whip of God.

There's not a single straight intestine in his belly.

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