Peter Diamandis, fully Peter H. Diamandis

Diamandis, fully Peter H. Diamandis

Greek-American Engineer, Physician and Entrepreneur, Founder and Chairman of X Prize Foundation X Prize Foundation which offers large cash incentive prizes to inventors to solve grand challenges like space flight, low-cost mobile medical diagnostics and oil spill cleanup, Chairman of Singularity University

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The wealthier, more educated, and healthier a nation, the less violence and civil unrest among its populace, and the less likely that unrest will spread across its borders. As such, stable governments are better prepared to stop an infectious disease outbreak before it becomes a global pandemic.

This generation of human beings has access to more calories, watts, lumen-hours, square-feet, gigabytes, megahertz, light-years, nanometers, bushels per acre, miles per gallon, food miles, air miles, and, of course, dollars than any that went before.

Two of the greatest abundance assets in history: specialization and exchange.

The moral of the story was clear: ideas, coupled with technology, could solve all of the world?s problems.

The world doesn?t need another ultra-specialist-generating research university. We?ve got that covered.

This is not to say that we should ignore conservation and efficiency, but if our ultimate goal is abundance, then that requires an entirely new approach. Fresh water must go the route of aluminum.

Ultimately I think humanity?s grandest challenge is the transformation we?re going to undergo over the next 30 years as technology begins to transform how we live every aspect of our life, what it means to be human and even the very nature of the fabric of society. I don?t know what the answer is, but we?re going to begin to co-evolve with technology in some unique fashions which will scare a lot of people but also relieve a lot of suffering. So our grandest challenge is the evolutionary process that we are now entering that will accelerate over the next three decades.

The answer, of course, is this same chain of effect: technology (bones, muscles, neurons) leading toward specialization (the femur, biceps, and femoral nerve) leading toward cooperation (all those parts and many more leading to our bipedal verticality) leading toward greater complexity (every novel possibility that sprung from our upright stance).

The New Mexico proposal was stronger, specifically on the strength of their financial bid, ... Governor Richardson is personally very excited about the whole space business and about building New Mexico into a central hub for public spaceflight.

The world's biggest problems are the world's biggest market opportunities. And that's a huge thing. Solve hunger, literacy and energy problems, get the gratitude of the world and become a billionaire in the process.

This is where innovation begins. It's all part of the same?mission, which is to make space personally accessible to the public.

Ultimately, however, meeting the medical needs of the entire world means empowering the rising billion with the basic resources?food, water, energy, and education?while at the same time driving forward the breakthroughs outlined in this chapter. If we can do this, we can create an age of health care abundance.

The availability of almost everything a person could want has been going rapidly upward for two hundred years and erratically upward for ten thousand years before that: years of life span, mouthfuls of clean water, lung-fulls of clean air, hours of privacy, means of traveling faster than you can run, ways of communicating farther than you can shout.

The NRI is structured around ?critical enablers?: anchoring technologies that allow manufacturers to standardize processes and products, thus cutting development time and increasing performance.

The X PRIZE is a non-profit, so there's not a financial measure of benefit to the organizers. There is a benefit to humanity that the effort is working. What i can say is that we are opening X PRIZE India next spring, so I'm excited about that and are working with benefactors and companies around the world. I do believe (expect, hope) others will emulate us in success... we're also willing to partner with those who are serious players.

This past fall, Zero-G was used in the premiere of season two of the TV show 'The Biggest Loser.' For this airing the producers created a competition where teams needed to gather colored plastic balls that were released and floated free. It was a very successful competition with great visuals.

Under mundane circumstances, attention is a limited resource.

The average $1,000 laptop should be computing at the rate of the human brain in fewer than fifteen years.

The point is this: In today?s hyperlinked world, solving problems anywhere, solves problems everywhere.

The yield of corn seed varied by the season?s climate, instead of improving each year. Every 12 months, you could not upgrade your oxen?s yoke to anything much better than what you already had.

Time is a resource. In fact, time has always been our most precious resource, and this has significant consequences for how we access progress.

We are already AI codependent.

The best definition of prosperity is simply ?saved time.? ?Forget dollars, cowrie shells, or gold,? he says. ?The true measure of something?s worth is the hours it takes to acquire it.?

The point, however obvious, is pretty fundamental: you need to be a little crazy to change the world, and you can?t really fake it. If you don?t believe in the possibility, then you?ll never give it the 200 percent effort required.

There are four major motivators that drive innovation. The first, and weakest of the bunch, is curiosity: the desire to find out why, to open the black box, to see around the next bend?fear, our next motivator?The desire to create wealth is the next major motivator, best exemplified by the venture capital industry?s backing of ten ideas, expecting nine to fail and hoping for one grand-slam winner. The fourth and final motivator is the desire for significance: the need for one?s life to matter, the need to make a difference in the world. One tool that harnesses all four of these motivators is called the incentive prize.

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Diamandis, fully Peter H. Diamandis
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Greek-American Engineer, Physician and Entrepreneur, Founder and Chairman of X Prize Foundation X Prize Foundation which offers large cash incentive prizes to inventors to solve grand challenges like space flight, low-cost mobile medical diagnostics and oil spill cleanup, Chairman of Singularity University