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Philip James

English Spasmodic Poet

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Obey thy genius, for a minister it is unto the throne of fate. Draw to thy soul, and centralize the rays which are around of the Divinity.

The strongest passion which I have is honor.

We should count time by heart-throbs. He most lives, who thinks most, feels noblest, acts the best.

Oh, could we lift the future's sable shroud.

The sun, centre and sire of light, The keystone of the world-built arch of heaven.

What are ye orbs? The words of God? the Scriptures of the skies?... Could I love less, I should be happier now.

Poetry is itself a thing of God; He made his prophets poets; and the more we feel of poesie do we become like God in love and power,--under-makers.

The sun, God's crest upon His azure shield, the heavens.

What men call accident is God's own part.

See the gold sunshine patching, and streaming and streaking across the gray-green oaks; and catching, by its soft brown beard, the moss.

The truth of truths is love.

When I forget that the stars shine in air ? When I forget that beauty is in stars ? When I forget that love with beauty is ? Will I forget thee: till then all things else.

See the sun! God's crest upon His azure shield, the Heavens.

The wind breathes not, and the wave walks softly as above a grave.

When night hath set her silver lamp high, then is the time for study.

She spake, and his love-wilder'd and idolatrous soul clung to the airy music of her words, like a bird on a bough, high swaying in the wind.

There are whole veins of diamonds in thine eyes, Might furnish crowns for all the Queens of earth.

Where doubt there truth is?'tis her shadow.

Star canto: star speaks light, and world to world repeats the passage of the universe to God--the one great word well worth all languages in earth or heaven.

Thou art a woman, and that is saying the best and worst of thee.

Who never doubted never half believed

Stars which stand as thick as dewdrops on the field of heaven.

Thou wind! Which art the unseen similitude of God The Spirit, His most meet and mightiest sign.

Who never doubted, never half believed. Where doubt is, there truth is -- it is her shadow.

Surely the stars are images of love.

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English Spasmodic Poet