Philip K. Dick, fully Philip Kindred Dick

Philip K.
Dick, fully Philip Kindred Dick

American Science Fiction Novelist, Short Story Writer, Essayist and Philosopher, Eleven popular films based on his works have been produced, including Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Paycheck, Next, Screamers, The Adjustment Bureau and Impostor

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Why?? Hamilton lashed out suddenly and loudly. ?Why the hell did God answer that prayer? Why not some of the others? Why not Bill Laws?s?? ?God approved of your prayer,? Silky said. ?After all, it?s up to Him; He has to decide how He feels about it.? ?That?s terrible.? Silky shrugged. ?Maybe so.? ?How can you live with that? You never know what?s going to happen?there?s no order, no logic.? It infuriated him that she did not object, that it seemed natural to her. ?We?re helpless; we have to depend on whim. It keeps us from being people?we?re like animals waiting to be fed. Rewarded or punished.?

You learn to get by from day to day, Sam Regan said sympathetically to him. You never think in longer terms. Just until dinner or until time for bed; very finite intervals and tasks and pleasures. Escapes.

There is nothing fantastic or ultra-dimensional about crab grass... unless you are an sf writer, in which case pretty soon you are viewing crab grass with suspicion. What are its real motives and who sent it here in the first place It only looks like crab grass. That's what they want us to think it is. One day the crab grass suit will fall off and their true identity will be revealed. By then the Pentagon will be full of crab grass and it'll be too late. The crab grass, or what we took to be crab grass, will dictate terms.

This hypnagogic condition. Attention-faculty diminished so that twilight state obtains; world seen merely in symbolic, archetypal aspect, totally confused with unconscious material.

Time to get up,? he informed her. ?Don?t you hear the Almighty bellowing in the living room?? ?What?s he saying?? Marsha murmured crossly. ?Nothing in particular. Repent or suffer eternal damnation. The usual tribal tub-thumping.?

Us Those who remember history are doomed to repeat it, called, but maybe this is better. Perhaps this is the only good thing; Do not forget to succeed.

We peep out, but what do we see, really? Mirror reflections of our own selves, our bloodless, feeble countenances, devoted to nothing in particular, insofar as I can fathom it. Death is very close, he thought. When you think in this manner. I can feel it, he decided. How near I am. Nothing is killing me; I have no enemy, no antagonist; I am merely expiring, like a magazine subscription: month by month.

What a tragic realm this is, he reflected. Those down here are prisoners, and the ultimate tragedy is that they don't know it; they think they are free because they have never been free, and do not understand what it means.

What you should do, she told Fat during one of his darker hours, is get into studying the characteristics of the T-34. Fat asked what that was. It turned out that Sherri had read a book on Russian armor during World War Two. The T-34 tank had been the Soviet Union's salvation and thereby the salvation of all the Allied Powers- and, by extension, Horselover Fat's, since without the T-34 he would be speaking - not English or Latin or the koine - but German.

With him inside the elevator descended.

You mean old books? Stories written before space travel but about space travel. How could there have been stories about space travel before -- The writers, Pris said, made it up.

There seemed to be nothing that contributed more to squalor than a bunch of basalt-block structures designed to lift people out of squalor.

This is a mournful discovery. 1)Those who agree with you are insane 2)Those who do not agree with you are in power.

Time, he thought, is shutting down around us. It is as if the future is gone, for all of us.

Waiting for their time to come. For us to lose and go away again. Where we came from. Joe Rossi paced back and forth. Yeah, we?ll be retreating from now on. Giving ground, instead of taking it. It?ll be like this today?losing fights, draws. Stalemates and worse. He raised his feverish eyes toward the ceiling of the little metal housing unit, face wild with passion and misery. But, by God, we?ll give them a run for their money. All the way back! Every inch!

We really do see astigmatically, in fundamental sense: our space and time creations of our own psyche and when these momentarily falter - like acute disturbance of middle ear. Occasionally we list eccentrically, all sense of balance gone.

What about [my] books? How do I feel about them?

Whatever you fear will happen to you, booze will make it happen.

With their feelings is nothing you can do about it, but you are not able to commit the acts that are committed.

You must beware of seeing malice behind accidental injury.

How can justice fall victim, ever, to what is right?

I believe he's got a lot of courage to write that book. If the Axis had lost the war, we'd be able to say and write anything we wanted, like we used to; we'd be one country and we'd have a fair legal system, the same one for all of us.

I guess that's the story of life: what you most fear never happens, but what you most yearn for never happens either. This is the difference between life and fiction. I suppose it's a good trade-off. But I'm not sure.

I saw Substance D growing. I saw death rising from the earth, from the ground itself, in one blue field, in stubbled color.

I wish I?d become a plant earlier.

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Philip K.
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Dick, fully Philip Kindred Dick
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American Science Fiction Novelist, Short Story Writer, Essayist and Philosopher, Eleven popular films based on his works have been produced, including Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report, Paycheck, Next, Screamers, The Adjustment Bureau and Impostor