Portuguese Proverbs


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When thieves fall out, their knaveries come to light.

Whilst we drink, prank ourselves, with wenches daily, old age upon us at unawares doth sally.

Throwing your cap at a bird is not the way to catch it.

To separate the men from the boys.

Under fair words beware of fraud.

What is marriage, mother? "Child, it is spinning, having children, making money, and weeping.

Where friends, there riches.

Who eats his fowl alone, must saddle his horse alone.

Time and the hour are not to be tied with a rope.

To the bold man Fortune holds out her hand.

Under the sackcloth there is something else.

What is marriage, mother? Daughter, it is spinning, bearing children, and weeping.

Where shall the ox go but he must labor, since he knows how?

Times passes like the wind.

To the child and the little bird, God catches the fall.

Unlucky in gambling, lucky in love.

What the eyes don't see the heart doesn't feel.

Where shall the ox go, and not have to plough?

To a hasty question a leisurely answer.

To the lean pig a fat acorn.

Unused iron is ruined by rust.

What the fool does at last the wise man does at first.

Where the cock is the hen does not crow.

To be slow in giving ant to refuse, are alike.

Too many candles will burn down the church.

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