Portuguese Proverbs


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Vile let him be who deems himself vile.

What water gives, water takes away.

Where the river is deepest it makes the least noise.

To change one's habits has a smell of death.

Too much alms, the saint will be suspicious.

Walls have ears.

What's everybody's work is nobody's work.

Where the wolf gets one lamb he looks for another.

To eat and to itch is in the beginning.

Too much wax burns the church.

Walls sink and dunghills rise.

When bulls fight, woe to the frogs.

Where there is little bread, cut first.

To err is human; to forgive is divine.

Trust not a dog that limps.

Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs.

When it is in an unlucky phase, the vulture below, shits on the vulture above.

Where there is no fire, no smoke rises.

The mill does not grind with water that is past.

The owner?s eye fattens the horse.

The sooty oven mocks the black chimney.

The wolf loses his teeth, but not his inclination.

There's no catching trouts with dry breeches.

Though we are negroes, we are men, and have souls.

The misfortune of many is a consolation.

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