Portuguese Proverbs


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Thief who steals thief has one hundred years of pardon.

The nest made, the bird dead.

The queen bee has no sting.

The thief proceeds from a needle to gold, and from gold to the gallows.

There are bad things that come for the good.

Think of many things -- do one.

The night is good counsellor.

The rat does not leave the cat's house with a bellyful.

The thief thinks that all are like himself.

There are ills that happen for good.

Think of many things, but do just one at a time.

The mad dog bites its master.

The old saints are forgotten in the new.

The rat that knows but one hole is soon caught.

The thief who steals another one is forgiven for 100 years.

There are many ways to leave this world but only one way to come into it.

Think of many things, do only one.

The malady that is more incurable is folly.

The one in a hurry, will have a raw and hot meal.

The righteous pays for the sinner.

The tired mare goes willingly to grass.

There die as many lambs as wethers.

Thinking of where you are going, you forget from whence you came.

The man of sense does not hang up his knowledge.

The one who kneeled, must pray.

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