Ramana Maharshi, fully Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Maharshi, fully Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Indian Sage, Spiritual Teacher

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The ultimate truth is so simple. It is nothing more than being in the pristine state. That is all that need be said.

The real Self is continuous and unaffected. The reincarnating ego belongs to the lower plane, namely, thought.

The Seeker himself becomes the knower. The thing to be known is already there. There is nothing to be known afresh. More-over there are no two things. There is only the seer, the knower.

The Self alone is real. All others are unreal. The mind and intellect do not remain apart from you. The Bible says, `Be still and know that I am God.' Stillness is the sole requisite for the realization of the Self as God.

The self cannot be found in books. You have to find it for yourself, within yourself.

The Self is beyond duality. If there is one there will also be two. Without one there are no other numbers. The truth is neither one nor two. It is as it is.

The Self is here and now and alone. It is not new and something to be acquired. It is natural and permanent. The term "Self" refers to the unlimited, the infinite Self; do not limit its meaning.

The Self is known to everyone but not clearly. You always exist. The Being is the Self. 'I am' is the name of God. Of all definitions of God none is indeed so well put as the Biblical statement 'I AM THAT I AM' in Exodus. There are other statements, such as Brahmaivaham, Aham Brahmasmi and Soham. But none is so direct as the name JEHOVAH = I AM. The Absolute Being is what is - It is the Self. It is God. Knowing the Self, God is known. In fact God is none other than the Self.

The self is like a pearl. To find it you must dive deep down into silence, deeper and ever deeper until it is reached.

The Self is only one. Do you feel hurt if you blame yourself or scorn yourself for your errors? If you hold the Self there is no second person to scorn you. When you see the world you have lost hold of the Self. On the contrary, hold the Self and the world will not appear.

The self is pure knowledge, pure delight where there is no duality.

The Self is simple Being. Be! and there will be an end to ignorance. The "I" is always there. There is no knowing it. It is not new knowledge to be acquired. There is an obstruction to its knowledge called ignorance. Remove it. Ignorance and knowledge are not for the Self: they should be cleared away.

The sense of doership is bondage, and not the actions themselves. "Be still and know that I am God." Stillness will prevail and there will be no agitation of the mind. Agitation of the mind is the cause of desire, the sense of doership, and of personality, or the personal sense of "I." If that is stopped, there is quiet.

The present difficulty is that man thinks he is the doer. But it is a mistake. It is the higher power which does everything and man is only a tool. If he accepts that position he is free from troubles, otherwise he courts them.

The proper way to get rid of a desire is to find out "Who gets the desire? What is its source?" When this is found, the desire is rooted out and it will never again emerge or grow.

The pure mind is itself Brahman; it therefore follows that Brahman is not other than the mind of the sage.

The more you get fixed in the Self the more other thoughts will drop off of themselves. The mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts, and the 'I'-thought is the root of all of them. When you see who this 'I' is and find out where it comes from all thoughts get merged in the Self.

The normal self is the mind. The mind is with limitations. But pure Consciousness is beyond limitations, and is reached by investigation into the "I"

The one unalterable reality is being. Until you realize that state of pure being you should pursue the enquiry. If once you are established in it there will be no further worry.

The other way is to kill the ego by completely surrendering to the Lord, by realizing one's helplessness and saying all the time, 'Not I, but Thou oh Lord' and giving up all sense of 'I' and mine, and leaving it to the Lord to do what he likes with you. Complete effacement of the ego is necessary to conquer destiny, whether you achieve this effacement through self-enquiry or bhakti marga (Path).

The peace that you discovered in your temporary spiritual experiences was found in your Self. It was not imposed upon you. A time will come when we shall have to laugh at our own efforts to realize, for we shall find that what we were before and after is the same.

The perception of 'I' is associated with a form, maybe the body. There should be nothing associated with the pure Self. The Self is the unassociated, pure reality, in whose light the body and the ego shine. On stilling all thoughts the pure consciousness remains.

The potter?s wheel goes on turning even after the potter has ceased to turn it because the pot is finished. In the same way, an electric fan goes on revolving for some minutes after we switch off the current. The prarabdha ? predestined karma ? which created the body will make it go through whatever activities it was meant for. But the jnani ƒ€? the knower ? goes through all these activities without the notion that he is the doer of them. It is hard to understand how this is possible. The illustration generally given is that the jnani performs action in some such way as a child that is roused from sleep to eat eats but does not remember next morning that it ate.

The Power that created you created the world as well. If God created the world it is His business to look after it, not yours.

The mind is only a bundle of thoughts. The thoughts have their root in the I-thought. Whoever investigates the True ?I? enjoys the stillness of bliss.

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Maharshi, fully Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
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Indian Sage, Spiritual Teacher