Ramana Maharshi, fully Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Maharshi, fully Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Indian Sage, Spiritual Teacher

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The life-current originates in the Heart. This Heart is not the physiological organ of that name, but a spiritual center near to it. Thus everyone, even a child, of every creed or race, when referring to the "heart" as a metaphor for their deepest feelings will nevertheless point to the breast with their hand. But such discussions as inside or outside the body cannot arise in Self-realization.

The macrocosm is in its entirety in the body. The body is in its entirety in the heart. Therefore heart is the summarized form of all the macrocosm.

The master is within; meditation is meant to remove the ignorant idea that he is only outside. If he is a stranger whom you await, he is bound to disappear also. What is the use of a transient being like that? But so long as you think you are separate or that you are the body, an external master is also necessary and he will appear to have a body. When the wrong identification of oneself with the body ceases, the master will be found to be none other than the Self.

The mind does not exist apart from the Self, that is, it has no independent existence. The Self exists without the mind, never the mind without the Self.

The mind is a bundle of thoughts. The thoughts arise because there is the thinker. The thinker is the ego. The ego, if sought, will automatically vanish. The ego and the mind are the same. The ego is the root-thought from which all other thoughts arise.

The mind is intangible, in fact it does not exist. The surest way to control it is to seek it. Then its activities cease.

The mind is nothing but thoughts. Now behind every particular thought there is a general thought, which is the 'I', that is yourself. Let us call this 'I' the first thought. Stick to this 'I'-thought and question it to find out what it is. When this question takes strong hold on you, you cannot think of other thoughts.

The mind is only a bundle of thoughts. The thoughts have their root in the I-thought. Whoever investigates the True ?I? enjoys the stillness of bliss.

The mind of one meditating on a single object becomes one-pointed. And one-pointedness of mind leads to abidance in the self.

The mind should be made to rest in the Heart till the destruction of the ?I-thought? which is of the form of ignorance, residing in the Heart.

The mind will merge only by Self-enquiry 'Who am I?' The thought 'Who am l?' will destroy all other thoughts and finally kill itself also. If other thoughts arise, without trying to complete them, one must enquire to whom did this thought arise. What does it matter how many thoughts arise? As each thought arises one must be watchful and ask to whom is this thought occurring. The answer will be 'to me'. If you enquire 'Who am I?' the mind will return to its source (or where it issued from). The thought which arose will also submerge. As you practise like this more and more, the power of the mind to remain as its source is increased.

The inner silence is self-surrender. And that is living without the sense of ego. Solitude is in the mind of humanity. Silence is ever speaking; it is the perennial flow of language. It is interrupted by speaking; for words obstruct this mute language. Silence is permanent and benefits the whole of humanity. . . . By silence, eloquence is meant. It is the best language. There is a state when words cease and silence prevails.

The inquiry ?who am I? turns the mind introvert and makes it calm.

The 'I'-thought is like a spirit which, although not palpable, rises up simultaneously with the body, flourishes and disappears with it. The body-consciousness is the wrong 'I'. Give up this body-consciousness. It is done by seeking the source of the 'I'. The body does not say 'I am'. It is you who say, 'I am the body '. Find out who this 'I' is. Seeking its source it will vanish.

The Jnanin present in the heart sees the mind merged in the light of the heart, like moonlight in the presence of the sun during the day.

The life of action need not be renounced. If you meditate for an hour or two every day you can then carry on with your duties. If you meditate in the right manner then the current of mind induced will continue to flow even in the midst of your work.

The Heart is the center from which everything springs. Because you now see the world, the body etc, it is said that there is a center for them called the Heart. But when actually in it, the Heart is neither in the center nor at the circumference as then there is nothing else.

The idea of diversity comes with body-consciousness, which arose at some moment; it has an origin and an end. What originates must be something. What is that something? It is "I"-consciousness. On finding its source you realize Absolute Consciousness.

The ignorance is identical with the 'I'-thought. Find its source and it will vanish.

The illuminated one who is happy in the peace of the self, without thought of the past and the future, and is like a mere witness of the present, has his knots of bondage cut.

The degree of freedom from unwanted thoughts and the degree of concentration on a single thought are the measures to gauge spiritual progress.

The ego's phenomenal existence is transcended when you dive into the source from where the 'I'-thought rises.

The end of all wisdom is love, love, love.

The enlightened one that has become one with the unchanging supreme consciousness, like a river that has become one with the ocean, takes birth no more in a body.

The enquiry "Who am I?" is the principal means to the removal of all misery and the attainment of the supreme bliss.

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Maharshi, fully Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
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Indian Sage, Spiritual Teacher