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American Businessman, Investor, Venture Capitalist and Musician, Founding Partner of the venture capital firm Elevation Partners

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Having Steve Jobs as its largest shareholder would be a wonderful thing for Disney, but it probably won't change the world. Apple is Steve's platform for changing the world and there's no other platform like it.

People think nothing of owning a stock for minutes at a time. The velocity of trading is staggering and completely unprecedented.

What's great about this deal is the right piece of CompuServe found good homes at decent prices. No one seems to have overpaid for anything.

Hes one of those people who has so many friends, they have no friends.

So, I always try to encourage people to use this kind of environment to reposition themselves into the right areas, and I think you want to focus particularly on the communications sector, on businesses that improve the bandwidth of the communications network.

You can't really bundle the two in terms of advertising yet. It's going to take some time to migrate those CompuServe customers to a format where America Online can take full advantage of it.

Hiding the technology will be the key to success.

Stock markets are for long-term investing. I am afraid that too many people were putting their lunch money and their next car payments in the stock market.

I don't think we want to understate how important it is for the semiconductor industry,

That's when I realized I was on the wrong team. I realized the investment business isn't just about hard work.

I had better cellular coverage on a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea than I have in many parts of Silicon Valley.

The cash flow and the dividend and all the other value elements are so attractive that essentially growth is an option on this security,? he said. ?And I don?t worry about the product cycles the way I would in a Facebook, or an Amazon or somebody where the valuation isn?t so low

I pray you're right. There has been no incentive to compete for those market spaces, the customers are inert. They have implemented maintenance contracts and it's too much [effort and expense] for them to get off the elevator.

The evidence of what you can sell on the Web is not conclusive. Have you seen the Toys R Us site? Never mind reaching Main Street, these guys can't get out of park.

I think Apple?s magic will work in the cloud as well as it?s worked anywhere else.

The Flying Other Brothers will be in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe this coming weekend...with G.E. Smith on lead guitar!

I think the best predictor is the immediate past... continuation of Internet IPO mania that we've seen over the past couple of months.

The issue with CompuServe is its service is fundamentally different.

I think what we've seen is a phase shift on Wall Street. And frankly investors are looking for a reason to sell.

The key thing to remember is that whenever you go through a prolonged correction, what matters is not the portfolio you own when the correction starts, but the one you own when it ends.

Intel's investors really want to know what the outlook is for the next few quarters,

The PC industry is having a terrific year, particularly if you are one of the big four producers. Those companies are growing twice as fast as everyone else in the industry and gaining very rapidly.

It?s unbelievable what that guy knows.

These two companies together control many of the key pieces of the technology that make up the backbone of the Internet... In any Internet service provider, you'll find Ascend and Cascade equipment dominating. I think from a strategic standpoint, this makes a ton of sense.

It's hard to blame him for calling it quits. I think this is a very big challenge.

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American Businessman, Investor, Venture Capitalist and Musician, Founding Partner of the venture capital firm Elevation Partners