Romanian Proverbs


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When the night's darkest, the dawn's nearest.

Where the dam leaps over, the kid follows.

Who has neither fools nor beggars nor whores among his kindred, was born of a stroke of thunder.

Whom a serpent has bitten, a lizard alarms.

Without other people's companionship, even paradise would be an unlikable place.

Yesterday will not be called again.

When drink is in, wit is out.

When the pear is ripe, it falls.

Where the hedge is lowest, men may soonest over.

Who has not understanding, let him have legs.

Whom fortune wishes to destroy, she first makes mad.

Woe to him that is alone.

You are like the man that sought his mare, and he riding on her.

When fortune knocks, open the door.

When the pig is proffered, hold up the poke.

Where the sun enters, the doctor does not.

Who has skirts of straw needs fear the fire.

Whom god loves, his bitch brings forth pigs.

Woe to thee, o land, when thy King is a child.

You cackle often, but never lay an egg.

When god will punish, he will first take away the understanding.

When the tree is fallen every one runs to it with his axe.

Where there are reeds, there is water.

Who hath no horse may ride on a staff.

Whom God will help, none can hinder.

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