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Rumi, fully Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rumi

(1207 - 1273)


Persian Poet, Jurist, Theologian and Sufi Mystic, Known as “Rumi” meaning “the Roman”

A craftsman pulled a reed from the reed-bed, cut holes in it, and called it a human being. Since then, it's been wailing a tender agony of parting, never mentioning the skill that gave it life as a flute
A generous friend gives life for a friend let's rise above this animalistic behavior and be kind to one another.
A great God-wrestling does on inside these wanderers.
A great, unseen town lies just behind that curtain. Don't lower yourself. Don't knock on every door. You yourself are what you are looking for. Raise your tent up to the sky. Don't say, I can't. Sure you can. Just do it.
A lifetime without Love is of no account Love is the Water of Life Drink it down with heart and soul!
A lover asked his beloved, ‘Do you love yourself more than you love me?’ The beloved replied, ‘I have died to myself and I live for you. I've disappeared from myself and my attributes. I am present only for you. I have forgotten all my learnings, but from knowing you I have become a scholar. I have lost all my strength, but from your power I am able. If I love myself I love you. If I love you I love myself.’
A moment of happiness, you and I sitting on the verandah, apparently two, but one in soul, you and I. We feel the flowing water of life here, you and I, with the garden's beauty and the birds singing. The stars will be watching us, and we will show them what it is to be a thin crescent moon. You and I unselfed, will be together, indifferent to idle speculation, you and I. The parrots of heaven will be cracking sugar as we laugh together, you and I. In one form upon this earth, and in another form in a timeless sweet land.
A mountain keeps an echo deep inside. That’s how I hold your voice.
A secret freedom opens through a crevice you can barely see.
A servant wants to be rewarded for what he does. A lover wants only to be in love's presence, that ocean whose depth will never be known.