Scottish Proverbs


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Ye'll sleep yer brains inta train oil.

Ye'll never be sae auld with sae mickle honesty.

Ye'll tak mair in yer mooth than yer cheeks will haud.

Ye'll never cast saut on his tail.

Ye'll tak mair in yer mou than yer cheeks will haud.

Ye'll never craw in my cavie.

Ye'll worry in the band like Mcewen's calf.

Ye'll never growe howbackit bearin yer freends.

Yellow's forsaken, an green's forsworn, but blue an reid ocht tae be worn.

Ye'll never harry yersel wi yer ain hands.

Yelpin curs will raise mastiffs.

Ye'll never mak a mark in yer testament bi that bargain.

Ye'll never rowte in my tether.

Ye'll no dee as lang as he's yer deemster.

Ye'll drink before me.

Ye'll hang aa but the heid yet.

Ye'll find him where you left him.

Ye'll let naething tine for want o seekin.

Ye'll follow him lang or he'll let five shillins faa.

Ye'll mend when ye grow better.

Ye'll gang a grey gate yet.

Ye'll naither dance nor haud the candle.

Ye'll gar him claw a sair haffit.

Ye'll naither dee for yer wit nor be drooned for a warlock.

Ye'll gar me seek the needle whaur I didna stick it.

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